Monday, December 29, 2008

Update on the Narkars, Shoaib Sheikh's family

This from wordjunkie who has, along with kbpm, been following up on the Narkars at Powai:

As I'd mentioned in an earlier email, the Narkars do not want assistance with groceries this month, and have atleast one job offer starting in Jan. They will be sending me their CVs soon.

Talked to the brother of Shoaib Sheikh today (#2 on the list). Shoaib is survived by a young wife (22 yrs), two daughters (4 and 2) and a mother (50+), all of whom the brother is currently supporting. They have rcvd Rs 5 lakh which has been invested in various postal schemes. They have also been offered help from Kirit Somaiya, a couple of NGOs, and expects help from the Tata trust. They do not want any assistance with groceries as of now. However, they would be happy for us to just meet the widow and talk to her, and help the girls in any way we can over the long term.

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