Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help needed with rent for a 26/11 victim

This report in from Sangeeta:
Sachin Singh, Poonam Singh's son, who received hand injuries during 26/11.

I went with Santosh Singh (Poonam Singh's husband) and Sachin (son) to Dr Panchal at Mahim. Dr Panchal made us take an x-ray and felt that there perhaps no chance. The ring finger on Sachins left hand, one joint is not there. It has fused to become one stiff bone with no mobility. He said that plastic surgery could take care of the bump.
He has guided us to another doctor at Chembur, called Dr Hemant Pathankar who specialises in hand surgery. I called him, he has asked me to call him next Wednesday night at 9 pm for next Thursday appt. I may not manage to go next Thursday.

Santosh Singh needs help - Rs 1500/- pm towards rent. He came down to the base of the slum and got a home with an attached toilet as Poonam lacks mobility (She was injured on her legs and is currently undergoing physiotherapy to regain mobility). I had promised to help if he moved down. The rent is Rs 3000/- pm. We need to pitch in with Rs 1500/- pm.

As I had asked for proof, he has given me a copy of the rent agreement. He also gave me bills worth Rs 1500/- for Poonam's treatment.

Edited to add: If you would like to help Poonam Singh with Rs 1500/- pm, please do write in to us and we will forward you the bank account details for Santosh and Poonam Singh. We need only 10 kind souls to chip in with Rs 1500/- to enable this lady live a life of dignity.

Monday, October 26, 2009

An appeal for Project Kodaikanal

Got this as a forward:

Hey guys,

I'm off to Kodaikanal in about 10 days and no, this won't be one of the usual trips. I will volunteer briefly at my friend Zainab Ghadiyali's project--the Indian chapter of the Foundation for International Medical Relief of Children (FIMRC).

Zainab is the Field Operations Manager for Project Kodaikanal and is responsible for managing the logistics of FIMRC's work in India. As part of her duties, she works closely with hospital and creche staff to coordinate volunteering and public health activities for the welfare of the underprivileged children in the area.

Zainab & I would appreciate it if you can do your bit for the children by donating some things. Mainly, they seek:
- children's multivitamin and calcium supplements (these are most important)
- toothpaste and toothbrushes
- clothes
- shoes
- blankets

While their needs may be plenty, every little bit given makes a difference. I hope to hear from you soon.
Thank you.

If you would like to know more about FIMRC, please visit:
You can view pictures of Project Kodaikanal at:

Vikas Hotwani
Correspondent / Copy Editor
Mumbai Mirror

Thursday, October 22, 2009

An appeal from Pune

This appeal forwarded by Gunjan:

Dear Friends,
This appeal has reached us through Dr. Anju Kagal who has been associated with FoC for many years. We request you to kindly help this man ( Ram Bhau Jadhav ) regain his dignity and independence with any amount that you would be able to assist with. Let us begin this festive season with a gesture that would make a huge difference in a person's life !
You could contact Dr. Kagal directly or email unmana ( ) who is a core member of FoC.
Cheques would be in favour of SOFOSH and receipts with 80G exemption would be given for the same.
Many thanks,
http://www.focpune/. blogspot. com


Ram Bhau Jadhav is a 36yr male who was admitted on 11th Jan 2009. Reg No Sassoon Hospital, with an atlanto axial dislocation (broken neck). At the time of admission he was quadriplegic (paralysed below the neck). With traction he has recovered the use of his left upper and lower limbs. He is still bed ridden. Doctors will now attempt to assist fusion using transarticular screws and plates if necessary.
Currently the equipment required for conducting this surgery is available at Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital ,where the surgeon Dr Sunil Nadkarni is willing to conduct the surgery free of cost. In addition Deenanath hospital will not charge for the use of the OT and subsequent post-operative care.
However, we need to raise funds for the implant and medicines (approximately Rs 35,000/-). His family members have abandoned him and there is no way that he can go out and collect the necessary funds. Therefore I appeal to you all to contribute whatever you can. Every penny will be helpful. The money can be given to SOFOSH from whom you will get a receipt which allows tax deduction. The surgery has to be done urgently.
Thanking you,
Anju Kagal ,
Professor of Microbiology,
PRO Sassoon Hospital Pune.
Mobile :9822623459


Whom have you helped today?

Find purpose. The means will follow.
Mahatma Gandhi

Sunday, October 11, 2009

An appeal from Maid in Malaysia

Help needed:

The doctors said they were going to remove diabetic Vasanthi's big
toe. But they removed most of her gangrene-filled foot.

Vasanthi,42, lives in Kuala Lumpur. She cannot afford a prosthetic limb.

This lady needs help from a Malaysian NGO that will offer to sponsor a
limb, which costs around 3,000 ringgit.

For more information contact:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Detailed appeal from Goonj for Andhra/Karnataka Flood relief

It is indeed heartening to see the number of emails coming in wanting further information on how to contribute to flood relief work. It is moments like this that reinforce my belief that every Indian, regardless of personal circumstance, is keen to help a fellow Indian in trouble.

I recieved the detailed mail from Goonj yesterday, requesting specifics for flood relief. I have pasted it below, along with details of drop points and volunteers in various cities across India for your reference. Do call in, organise collection camps in your residential complex, do your bit. Help as much as you can:

This is an URGENT APPEAL to join GOONJ in its campaign 'RAHAT FLOODS' to provide support to the victims of one of the worst floods in the last hundred years. The situation is grim and millions of people are affected by the devastation.
GOONJ has been working extensively in disaster relief for many years now. During the devastating Bihar floods last year, with large-scale civic participation, GOONJ channelised about 1500 tonnes of material. More recently, in Cyclone Aila in West Bengal, we were again actively involved in relief operations.
With a wide network of organizations and people present in most of the affected districts we are confident of reaching relief at the earliest possible. While the dispatch of material has already started the need based relief efforts will continue for the next few months.
Possible options for joining this campaign
Material support (Needed- large quantities of..)
* Dry ration- Rice, pulses, biscuits, packed eatables
* Water purifier tablets
* Basic medicines
* Sarees & Children clothing
* Tarpaulins and thick plastic sheets
* Bed sheets, Blankets & Mosquito nets
* Export surplus/ Cotton cloth for making sanitary napkins
* Stoves, cooking and water storage utensils/buckets
* Lanterns, candles, matchbox, torch & batteries
* Feeding bottles, ropes and also all kind of usable clothing & footwear.
(For the list of collection centers, please log on to
Logistical support-
* Transport support to reach the material to effected areas
* Space for collection centers
* Facilities for local pickups
* Transportation of material from different cities to GOONJ processing centers in a few cities.
Financial support-
Donations in India- Please send cash/cheque/draft in the name of GOONJ and send it to GOONJ.., J-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 76 (Kindly send your full name, address & Pan No. with the contribution for receipt/accounting purpose. (All donations to GOONJ in India are tax exempted u/s 80 G of IT act.)
Overseas donation can reach us through Cheque (in the name of GOONJ with your full particulars) or by wire transfer with an information on
Rotate it (valid only for overseas donations) through Wacovia Bank, New York swift code- 2000193008933, GOONJ, A/C No- 2591101004644
Bank- Canara Bank, H block, market Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 76
Contact- GOONJ
H.O Delhi- J-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 76 Tel.- 011-26972351, 41401216 E-mail-
Mumbai- Mr. Rohit Singh Tel.- 9322381600, Email-
Chennai- Mr. Vimal Tel.- 9842665320, Email-
Kolkata- Mr. Iftikar Tel.- 9748691735, Email-
Jalandhar- Ms. Daljeet Tel.- 9855023391, Email-
Saharsa (Bihar)- Mr. Sheoji Tel.- 9631568989, Email-
Voluntary set ups-
Hyderabad- Mr. Ramana Tel.- 9849600002 Email- & Ms. Nitu Tel.- 9908607775, Email- (please call between 7.00 p.m. & 9.00 p.m. only)
Bangalore- Ms. Smitha Tel.- 9986213181 Email-
Pune- Ms. Gauri Bapat Tel.- 9881090695 Email-
Do spread the word, talk to your friends & relatives, help us to organise campaigns in the offices, residential areas and schools.
With best,
Anshu Gupta (Ashoka Fellow)
Founder Director

Update on Momina Khatoon

This in from Aparna:

Have been in regular touch with Momina. She has been doing fine. But the kids have been falling ill regularly. In fact the younger one has been diagnosed with chicken pox. The elder one has a slight cough and cold and she has been regularly visiting the doctors because of this.

When I spoke to her she requested for financial help for day to day and medical expenses. I will be visiting Momina the week after Diwali.

If anyone would like to help Momina, please do contact us on or

Flood relief for Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka

As you would all know, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka have been ravaged by floods which have rendered many homeless and destitute.

We are working on a flood relief collection drive for the flood victims of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

We require the following:
Material support (need in large quantity)-
Dry ration- Rice, Pulse, Gram, Chiura, Cooking oil, Gud, Sugar, Tea, spices, Biscuits, Namkeen, Packed eatables and Infant Baby's milk powder.
Medicines-Paracetamol,Disprin, Brufen, Combiflame, Entroquinol, Spasmonil, B complex, Domperidon, Cetzin, Cough Syrup (anti- tissutive/ anti allergic), Chlorine/ Halogen tablets, first aid medicines, cotton bandages, Ciprofloxacin tablets and infusion, Levofloxacin tablets, Chloromyecetin capsules and injections, Ceftriaxone Injections, Chloroquine tablets and injections, Metronidazole Chloroquine tablets, suspension and infusion, Phensedyl DM cough syrup, Ranitidine tablets and injection, Antacids tablets and suspension, Cetrizine tablets and syrup, Ibuprofen tablets, Dexamethasone injections, Hydrocortisone injections, Deriphyllin injections, Electrol, Glucose and ORS Powder,Water purifier tablets
Utility items- candles & matchbox, torch & batteries, storage & cooking utensils, tarpaulin, feeding bottles, buckets, ropes, Mosquito nets, stoves,
Clothing- large quanity of sarees, bedsheets, shirts, T-shirts, kids clothes, towels, daris & all kind of usable clothing & footwear.
Export surplus/ Cotton cloth for making sanitary napkins
(List courtesy

Do let us know if you would like to donate to this cause or organise collection camps in your office/residential complex for the same. We will hand over the items collected to which is doing hands-on flood relief work in this region. Kindly note, India Helps or India Helps volunteers will not be accepting cash or cheques for relief. Anyone wishing to contribute monetarily should do so directly to Goonj.

If you live in Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi or Bangalore, write in to us at or, with details of what you'd like to contribute and we will revert with a Goonj drop off point or put you in touch with India Helps team members and volunteers in these cities.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Drive to help needy

From Karmayog

Donate for the Needy
Contribute clothes, school bags, shoes, lights, fans, utensils, soaps, food grains, etc. for needy people who are not beggars but who are financially poor and cannot afford to buy and satisfy their daily needs.
Interesterd people can bring their contributions to Gokuldham High School between 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. before Oct. 20th 2009.
Contact 9867627259 or 9004700270

Monday, October 5, 2009

Update on Poonam Singh

This in from Sangeeta:

On Poonam Singh ...she has a visit on 8th to JJ. They have been asked to do an MRI and money in an issue. They have managed to shift lower but the rent is more. I will wait for a month and ask for receipts.The new rent is Rs 3000, he has kept a person with him, some relative for Rs 1000. So in effect he pays Rs 1000 more than his earlier rent .

His son is in a bad shape, his left hand is not working well. Plastic surgery is needed as it looks bad and his wrist not closing. Will try and meet them when they come to JJ on the 8th, to understand the problem first hand.

Edited to add: The India Helps team would like to thank Dr Vaibhav Patil for conducting at home physiotherapy sessions pro bono for Poonam Singh. It is professionals like you who give your time and expertise, who help rebuild lives.

If anyone would like to help Poonam Singh, and her son Sachin, please do write in to us at or