Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Appeal: Family struggling to raise money for victim’s treatment

An appeal on behalf of a driving accident victim who is critical. Anyone wishing to contribute to her treatment is requested to contact the father (number below) directly.


As discussed, this is the story that appeared in the Hindustan Times
today about Priyanka Rai, the only surviving victim of the Juhu car

The victim's family is struggling to pay her medical bills at the
CritiCare Hospital, Andheri.

Her father's name is Markandeya Rai (+919322056035).


Family struggling to raise money for victim's treatment, JUHU MUMBAI:

Advanced medical care for Priyanka Rai, 23, the only surviving victim
of the three girls who were injured in a car crash at Juhu on March
30, may get delayed because of lack of funds, her family said.

Rai has been admitted in the intensive care unit at Criticare
Hospital, Andheri, from March 31. "Priyanka was the main earning
member of our family. We have already borrowed money and finished all
our savings. Her surgeries are yet to happen," said Markandey Rai, her
father, who works in a transport company and earns around Rs14,000 a
Rai worked at a travel agency that organises corporate outbound
programmes and earned around Rs24,000 a month. The company has
contributed around Rs3 lakh for her treatment.

The family lives in Kalyan. Rai's sister, who recently appeared for
her Class 12 exams, has taken up a part-time job. Her elder brother
works as a steward in a restaurant. The cost of her medical treatment
could run up to Rs8 lakh to Rs10 lakh, doctors said.

"Priyanka has serious injuries and she was on ventilator for almost
two weeks. She has started responding to her name being called out.
But she may need surgeries and will take a long time to get back to
normalcy," said Dr Abhay Vispute,

Priyanka had multiple injuries — fractures to ribs and vertebrae and
head injury. She was taken off the ventilator three days ago.
Her mother, a homemaker, finds it hard to sit in the intensive care
unit without being worried all the time. "Our extended family is not
in Mumbai and we are trying very hard to manage everything. I have not
been going to work since the accident happened," she said.

The family said Rai had been saving money every month to buy jewellery
for her wedding. "She should have been getting married soon but now I
don't know how long it will take to repay the loans. But I want to do
everything to ensure that she starts walking again. Doctors said she
will be fine but it will take a long time," said her father.


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