Thursday, August 25, 2011

Rinku Vishwakarma

India Helps team members visited Rinku Vishwakarma today.
She lives in Sion Koliwada in a tiny room, with her one and a half year old daughter. Her landlady was kind enough to take us to her.
Today was the first month anniversary of her husband's passing away. Rinku is barely 24-25, has studied upto grade 8 and is literate. She knows how to stitch and is keen to start earning a living. Her brother from the village is down to live here with her.
She seems to be a strong person and knows that she has to take charge of her life now.
Our efforts will be to get her some vocational training and eventually a job. If anyone knows of any organisation/NGO that could provide her with training of any sort which would eventually result in a job, please do let us know.
Also if anyone would like to help her financially, do let us know and we will send you the details.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Appeal for a living donor for a liver transplant

I received this appeal for a living donor for a liver transplant.

The case is genuine and needy. Please forward this to anyone you think who could help.

As discussed over telephone the other day please find the details  required for the liver donor .
Rgds Girish

About Patient : 
Prema Malla, Female,Age: 55 yrs,Blood Group: B +ve,  is suffering from Primary biliary cirrhosis often abbreviated PBC, it is an autoimmune disease of the liver marked by the slow progressive destruction of the small bile ducts. When these ducts are damaged, bile builds up in the liver (cholestasis) and over time damages the tissue. This has led to scarring, fibrosis and cirrhosis.Liver biopsy shows an advanced fibrosis stage (6/6). 

Living Donor Liver Transplant(LDLT) is urgently required from a living donor who can donate half of his/her liver. Donor please contact Sandeep Thakur (+919899333866).

The donor operation is entirely safe (To be done in Medicity Medanta by Dr Arvinder Singh Sion) and the half liver quickly regenerates in both the donor and the recipient in a few weeks. In the first few days after operation even when regeneration is not complete, the half liver is enough to maintain normal donor functions due to the immense reserve in the liver.

To donate:
The person must donate of his/her own free will
The person should be between 18-55 years and weigh >50kg
The donor and recipient blood group must match (B +ve)
The donor liver structure / function, as well as the other systems must be normal
Half of the donor liver must be enough in volume for the recipient

The suitability in the above respects and some other technical points is determined by the Transplant Team in Pre-transplant donor evaluation which normally takes 2-3 days.

Facts about liver donation surgery:

Modern liver cutting techniques using CUSA have made it safe and blood less
Normal liver has immense reserve - nearly 70% of liver can be safely removed although much less is removed
Normal liver grows back very quickly - it can be restored to normal size after removal of half the liver in just 2 weeks

After operation, the donor will stay in hospital for 5-10 days. Another 3-4 weeks of recuperation is required at home. After that, the donor can resume normal activity (except strenuous physical exercise) and return to work 6 weeks after surgery. Sexual activity can be resumed as soon as the donor feels well enough. Heavy physical activity, sports including lifting weights can be resumed 3 months after surgery.

There are no dietary or any other restrictions, and the donor leads a completely normal life with normal liver function without any decrease in the longevity of life or any other long-term consequences.

Among more than 7000 donor operations worldwide, 6 deaths have been reported which gives an expected mortality of around 0.1 %.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fwd: A Personal Appeal

Received this appeal for help. Please contact Jaskinder directly for further information.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Nilim Dutta <>
Date: Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 7:09 PM
Subject: Fwd: A Personal Appeal

Dear Kiran,

I am forwarding here a mail from a dear friend, Jaskinder Shingwekar (JASKI). The email is self explanatory. Would be grateful if you could help to mobilize support/resources for the poor girl.

Warm Regards


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Jaskinder <>
Date: Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 4:12 PM
Subject: A Personal Appeal

Dear Friends, 


This is a personal appeal from my side for contribution towards medical expenses of Pratiksha Jadhav, the daughter of my maid Preeti Jadhav. 


Partiksha all of 14 years of age is a very bright student studying at the Versova Welfare School and is the only child of Preeti, a single parent having no relatives in mumbai. A week back Pratiksha has been admitted in a semi paralyzed state to the Belle-Vue Nursing Home at Manish Nagar, Andheri. Post a plethora of expensive tests she has been diagonised with Guillian Barre' Syndrome, which is more frightening than it sounds. This little understood infection which is still in the realm of medical research is specific to asian countries, attacks the immunological system and results in an individuals defence system attacking the victims own body. Survival rates are not very good but are known to be better for youngsters.   


Currently, the only course recommended this infection is a daily dose of 3 immununoglobulins injections over a period of 5 days, a total of 15. Each injections costs around Rs. 15,000/- which we have managed to negotiate down to Rs. 10,000/-. The entire cost of this immediate treatment is currently around Rs. 2 Lacs and I am enclosing a letter from the hospital for the same. Preeti works hard all day long to provide the best education for her only child and earns an monthly income of around Rs. 10,000/- and pays a rent of Rs. 4,000/- and has fixed deposits of around Rs. 40,000/. This situation is clearly beyond her financial means. Post this treatment which should save Pratiksha's life, medication would be needed for most of her life.  


The Shingwekar family has made substantial contributions and is committed to bringing in more cash for the treatment. Several other families who know Preeti are also pitching in. I have already spoken to a few charitable trusts who have promised all help.  


If you would like to contribute to Pratiksha medical treatment (it would be perfectly alright if you don't), you can make a cheque directly in the name of Belle Vue Nursing Home. I can assure you that my own self and my immediate family would be involved in the actual usage of your contribution and receipts for the same would be drawn in your name.


Thanks and regards,



Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Accident victim needs immediate help

This request from Chandni's FundACause. Respondents are requested to verify the case with the hospital before donating:

From: Ravindra Sawant <>
Date: Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 8:23 PM
Subject: Appeal

Dear Friends,

 My close friend is going through a very critical situation, which I am detailing here below.

 I personally wish to request you to go through the appeal and extend your helping hand.

 Also I request your help in reaching this appeal to maximum people who can contribute to this cause.

 Every support you give will help him to save his wife, who is fighting for life.

 Every kind of help you provide is acceptable.

 Thanks and Regards

 Ravindra V Sawant

A Fervent Appeal for Financial Assistance for my wife Mrs. Anita's Medical Treatment.
Dear Well-wishers,
My wife Mrs. Anita Mukund Agrawal met with a serious road accident on Friday, 11th March, 2011. While waiting at bus stop of Eastern Express Highway at Kannamwar Nagar, Vikhroli (East) Mumbai 83, she was dashed by a very rash motorbike rider. Due to this, she suffered multiple brain injuries as well as multiple fractures to spine, pelvis, left leg etc. The accident has left her in a semi vegetative state.
After this accident, she was admitted to Fortis Hospital at Mulund (west) after a gap of almost three hours. During this period, she could not get proper medical treatment and went in coma. From Fortis Hospital, she was shifted to Gokul Nursing Home for two months. After almost three months of hospitalization, because of financial constraints, I shifted her to our home in second week of June. She is still in a state of unconsciousness and is fighting for her life. Her parameters are uneven and if she does not get proper treatment, the future is bleak.
Due to my own health problems, I am away from my job for the past three years and whatever savings I had, were exhausted to meet the medical bills. So during the long hospitalization, I borrowed money from relatives and well-wishers as I was not in a position to bear the medical expenses. Even today, to provide the necessary medication etc I am spending an average of R 75,000 per month and this has put severe stress on me as I have no other way to meet the medical expenses. I have three young children, one of whom is in college and the younger two in school. I do not have any other options or sources left to bear these expenses and I am hoping for organizations, trusts or individuals with a charitable outlook to provide much needed help to save my wife's life.
So, I earnestly appeal to you all to come forward and give me and my family your best possible. For this, I and my family will be highly grateful to you for the rest of our whole lives and pray to Almighty to give you very best in life. I would also much appreciate if any of you can refer my case to such organizations as can help the needy, of my plight and situation.
Please contact me at the address below and telephone number.
Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

Mukund T. Agrawal

SB A/C No. 733848050, Indian Bank, Nariman Point Branch, Mumbai-400021

IFS Code : IDIB000N052

Mobile No. 9820952004

Address : 239/9366, III floor, 'B' wing,

Kannamwar Nagar-2, Vikhroli (East),

Mumbai – 400083, India.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fw: Medicines for Villagers in Maharashtra ((tag: Health))

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From: Chandni Parekh <>
Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 16:50:22 +0530
To: post<>
Subject: Medicines for Villagers in Maharashtra ((tag: Health))

From: uma iyer <>
Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 3:33 PM
Subject: Need your help in order to help

Please take the time, make the effort to help people less fortunate than you and me. A strip of medicine can save lives. Please read the following mail, there is a list of medicines and the address that they need to be mailed at the bottom.
Just spoke with one of the volunteers and he says there is a sudden shortage of medicines due to the high sickness rate during this monsoon. Do help.
In case of any questions, clarifications, please feel free to call/ mail me.
Thank you
Hello everyone,

WE require medicines for the poor tribal infants, women and men of MELGHAT Villages during our 90 DAYS CAMP - DHADAK MOHIM (

As they say, every drop counts, even if you could send in one or two medicines, it would help HUMANITY greatly. Kindly spread the word to do whatever is possible within your limits.

Thank you one and all.

Cotrimoxazole/ Septron (Adult)
Cotrimoxazole/Septron (Paedratric)
Amoxycillin (125 mg)
Amoxycillin (250 mg)
Amoxycillin (500 mg)
Norflox TZ

Inj Getamycin
Inj Ampicillin
Inj Diclofenac
Inj Dexamethosone
INJ ChlorPhenaraMine, (CPM)
Inj Etophylline
Inj Rantac
Anti Snake Venom(ASV)
IV Normal Saline
IV Dextrose 5%
IV Dextrose 10%
IV Ringer Lactate

Eye/Ear Drop
Scalp Vein
Scalp Vein
Gentian Violet

(P.S: Please spread the NOTE to everyone in your circle... the more, the better) 
Please send the medicines to:

Dr. Priyadarsh V Ture (+91 94036 241050)
Buddha Vihar Hall
Near Police Station

Johnny D,
Support 4 suicide farmers families,
C/o Swapnil Barai,
House No: 200,
Opp: Lohit Complex,
Dhantoli Chowk,
WARDHA: 442001