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Thursday, June 2, 2005

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Mumbai Marathon

India Helps team members Nihas, Preeti, Dilnavaz and Parul ran the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. On ground cheering support was provided by Priyanka, Rohini, Aparna, Bala and Sumita. We put up India Helps banners and distributed leaflets about India Helps to the crowd, as well as explained the work we do in an attempt to generate awareness.

26th January 2009
India Helps team members Sumita, Rohini and Kiran distributed leaflets on India Helps to the crowd gathered at Juhu Senior Citizens Association function.

India Helps celebrated Independence Day and Republic Day with the pavement school children.

Monday, May 2, 2005

Team Members

Kiran Manral, 39 (Mumbai) - Founder

Director, Karma Communications, freelance journalist and Blogger. ; 022-28415779 (O)

Formed IH thinking
India Helps is the culmination of a growing sense of unease, frustration and anger that had been building up within me for a very long while. Each time bomb blasts, floods, riots, and tragedies both natural and man-made, ripped India, I would agonise over my inability to do anything to help. And would wonder, what if it had been me. It took the brutality of 26/11/08 to shake me out of my stupor and decide that it was time I got down to doing something for the victims. On however small a scale. So started the blog, Bloggers and readers joined in, and this became a movement. A movement of the people, for the people. We are all here to help out, in the best way we can. Because if we don't help each other, no one will.

Parul Sharma (Mumbai) - Founder Member

Market Researcher, Writer

With IH because
Sickened to the core after the attacks on my city and my country, I wanted to help out the innocent people affected by the attacks and somehow be involved in the process of rebuilding this nation, this time as an active participant.

Prachi Gupta, 29 (Mumbai) - Founder Member

Market Researcher
With IH because
Angry and grieved by the horrible incidents around us, I felt that I had to do my part in helping, changing things. India Helps was just the focused and combined effort that made sure that every bit of time, effort, emotion and money counted.

Priyanka Chaturvedi, 30 (Mumbai) - Founder Member

With IH because
Seeing my city being held to ransom on 26/11 made me realize that I had to make a choice – either I could forget this as another unfortunate event in our lives or take a stand and try to contribute in whichever way I could. I chose the latter.

Rohini Haldea, 32 (Mumbai) - Founder Member

Marketing Professional
With IH because
I feel utterly helpless when a tragedy like the Mumbai attacks happens. I joined India Helps because it gives me the opportunity to do more than just feel bad or donate the odd cheque to a charity.

Suma Nagmote, 25 (Mumbai) - Founder Member

Market Researcher
With IH because
I went to the first IH meeting (knowing only one blogger there) only because I needed to do something to stop feeling so restless – and 'cause I felt like we've to protect our own…

Sumita Naik, 35 (Mumbai) - Founder Member

Advertising Professional
With IH because
I felt helpless just having to watch the events of 26/11. We could also be the unfortunate victims one day. India Helps channelised my frustration and inspires me to ask myself every single day - "Whom have I helped today?

Dilnavaz Bamboat, 30 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

Pediatric Therapist/ Preschool Owner
With IH because
I couldn't sit around anymore, feeling helpless in my rage, with so many people out there needing a helping hand. Thankfully, there were others who felt the same way. I hope we can use the power of the worldwide web to its best potential to help India.

Shyaam Nagarajan, 24 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

Legal Advisor
With IH because
Wanted to do something from my side to help the victims who are usually ignored by the system after a compensation is given. 'Doing something' was a thought and thanks to India Helps, I'm glad I have been able to contribute in a small way.

Sangeeta Irani, 40 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

Advertising and Public Relations Professional
With IH because
Another terror attack... once again. The anger and the need to do something positive with that anger motivated me. I started alone and then I met India Helps. India Helps takes initiative and makes a difference.

Aparna Nair, 24 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

With IH because
Like every other Indian after every calamity I wanted to help but did not know what to do or how to do. A friend of mine took me for the first meeting of India Helps. Now I know I can make a difference and I will.

Devaki Bhujang, 26 (New York) - Core Team Member

Programmer Analyst
With IH because
The 26 November Mumbai attacks affected me with an overwhelming desire to do something – anything I could - to shake off the helplessness I felt. Why wait for the government or anyone else to help, why not do my bit and perhaps the rest would follow?

Sunayana Roy, 26 (Kolkata) - Core Team Member

With IH because
I don’t believe one should criticise what one does not take the trouble to fix. So here I am, trying to fix before I criticise.

Smitha Verma, 31, (New Delhi) Core Team Member

With IH because:

"I joined India Helps to move beyond being just an arm chair volunteer. It has helped me realise that there is a need to spend not just money, but also time in making someone smile."

Gunjan Parulkar, Software Professional (Pune) Core Team Member

With IH because:

"With every terror attack in the country, the first impulse is to check with family and friends at the location and then sit back in the living room watching updates on television. After which the smses with words like 'spirit of the people', 'resilience' etc pour in. I shudder at the thought of families who have lost their dear ones or people who have lived through the trauma. Indiahelps gives me a platform to reach out to them and bring lives to normalcy in whichever way possible. After all,even if this sounds selfish, what goes around comes around is what I believe in."
Vidya Venkatesh (Silicon Valley, CA) - Core Team Member

With IH because
"I felt that it was time to DO something and not just mouth words of sympathy. A group of genuine and enthusiastic people like India Helps is giving me an opportunity to help make a difference."

Renu Jain , 33 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

Web Designer
With IH because
"When I see poor children at a signal or on the street, I sometimes wonder how blessed we are to be gifted with all basic necessities and much more. I feel doing something for such needy children, is one of the ways of acknowledging and thanking God for what he has given us. So through India Helps I am willing to do whatever I can for those who are helpless and need support from people like us."

Lavanya Karthik, 36 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

Environmental Planner, Writer
With IH because

"The Mumbai attacks made me realize that every citizen has to step forward and be the change they expect to see around them. This is my first step."

Preeti Aghalayam 35 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

With IH because
"I am tired of complaining and doing nothing. I particularly like the personal feel of IH, and feel like I can make at least a small contribution. "

Savani Tatake (Washington DC) - Core Team Member

Biotech Software Developer
With IH because
"Everytime a tragedy strikes India, I sit reading about it, a few oceans away, unsure if my contributions sent ever make it to the people intended. When Kiran started India Helps, I was delighted to know that I can make a difference in a way that's immediate."

Sayantani Dutta, 25 (Mumbai) - Core Team Member

With IH because

"I was done sitting around and hoping things would change, but wasn't comfortable just giving out money and thinking I'd done my bit...wanted to do something concrete, be a part of a tangible change. I was introduced to IH by a friend and the hands on philosophy here had me hooked from the word go...IH has today given me reason to hope that it is possible to go beyond rhetorics and actually bring about some positive change."

Radha Gopalakrishnan, 35 (London) - Core Team Member

Risk Management Professional
With IH because
"Indiahelps stood for everything that I believed in. Initially, I was unsure of how I could help out but when they advertised for coordinators round the world, I jumped at the opportunity and so here I am."

Arti Appachu, 32 (Canada) - Core Team Member
IT QA Manager

With IH because

“Even though I've lived away from India for the past 10 years, it's still my home and I want to be able to make that claim by concrete action, rather than just birthright!”

Saturday, April 2, 2005


* 26/11 Cases in need of long term assistance and rehabilitation have been referred to the Taj Public Welfare Trust.

* Blankets for Kosi Flood Victims provided to GOONJ which is doing on ground rehabilitation work in affected areas.

* Clothes collection drive organised for Karnataka/AP Flood victims and proceeds handed over to Goonj Bangalore.

* Relief material and funds provided for a Cyclone Aila Relief and rehabilitation effort spearheaded by Jadavpur University Professors and Students.

Wednesday, March 2, 2005


India Helps Cases 26/11

Case 1: Karuna Waghela

(i) Name of the deceased/ injured, occupation and approximate monthly earnings at the time of the casualty:

Deceased: Thakur Budhabhai Waghela, (33) sweeper at GT Hospital. Earnings approximately Rs 4000 pm.

(ii) Where did the casualty occur:

Ajmal Amir Kasab shot Waghela at his residence in GT Hospital compound.

(iii) Dependents (number and details)

Wife: Karuna Waghela (32), Children: Roshni (11 yrs), Dhaval (8) and Neeraj (5 yrs).

(iv) Details of the situation at that time:

Karuna Waghela lived with her inlaws:- father in law/mother in law/ brother in law and his family. The in-laws took the Rs 5 lakh compensation given to her by the government. She was totally dependent on them.

(v) IH contact: Suma Nagmote.
(vi) Details of help/ support provided by IH: India Helps stepped in on Day 3 itself by handing over funds for the last rites for Thakur Budhabhai Waghela. India Helps volunteers provided groceries and funds for Karuna and her children. India Helps also provided emotional support to Karuna. India Helps helped raise awareness about Karuna's plight through the blog, and media which in turn helped raise funds for her children.

(vii) Media coverage:

(viii) Present situation:

She has moved out of her inlaws home and is living in accommodation (MHADA flat)alloted to her by the government. She is currently working as a sweeper in GT Hospital, a job which she got on compassionate grounds at a salary of Rs 3000 pm. Karuna has been empowered to open a bank account independent of her inlaws. She is also being offered aid by the Taj Trust. Karuna is a strong woman and totally focussed on ensuring her children complete their education and make a future for themselves.

(ix) Status of the case : India Helps is continuing to provide emotional support to Karuna

(x) Future requirements: India Helps is attempting to build a corpus for Karuna's children's education. India Helps is also trying to raise funds to take out a life insurance cover for Karuna, with her children as beneficiaries.

(xi) Photographs: Attached.

(xii) Present contact details of the dependents:

MHADA colony, Prateeksha Nagar , Sion, Mumbai.

Picture caption: Karuna Waghela (in orange sari), widow of Thakur Budhabhai Waghela, weeps at a condolence meeting in Mumbai, India, Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2008.

India Helps Case 2 Balaji Kharatmal

1) Name of the deceased/ injured, occupation and approximate monthly earnings at the time of the casualty: Balaji Kharatmal (injured), Autodriver, App monthly earnings Rs 5000/-

(ii) Where did the casualty occur: CST

(iii) Dependents (number and details): Immediate: 3

Extended : 8

(iv) Details of the situation at that time : His mother was killed in the same attack.

He has shrapnel embedded in his body which cannot be removed.

As sole breadwinner, he was supporting his own family as well as those of his brothers and sisters (total of 11 people).

He received Rs 50,000 for himself, and Rs 5 lakh for his mother who died in the attack.

(v) IH contact: Lavanya Karthik

(vi) Details of help/ support provided by IH:

Money for expenses, organized and accompanied him to appt with Dr Chandiramani at Hinduja Hospital for a second opinion on the shrapnel still embedded in his body.

(vii) Media coverage (along with links where possible): None

(viii) Present situation: Employed with railways as a cleaner. Ongoing medicaton, mostly painkillers. Shrapnel still present in the body causes him discomfort, but deemed inoperable. A NGO covers the education of his two children. He is applying for additional compensation from the Collectorate.

(ix) Status of the case: Closed, except for help (if required) in consulting Dr Chandiramani

(xii) Present contact details:

Saiyed Baba Miyan chawl

Indira nagar, Jarimari

Kurla, Mumbai.

Ph: 9967383731

India Helps Case 3: The Singh Family

I] Name of the deceased/ injured, occupation and approximate monthly earnings at the time of the casualty : Poonam Singh - 34 years old, Sachin Singh – 7 years old.

No one died in this case, but they were injured – enough for life to change for the family. Poonam is a housewife and a mother to 4 children. She therefore, cooked, cleaned, got water, washed clothes and is a mother and a wife. Poonam earns nothing but if anyone else had to do her work it would cost the family. Sachin is a student

(ii) Where did the casualty occur: At CST. Poonam was with her son and was going to her father’s village to attend some function. Both Poonam and Sachin were injured. Sachin heard some noise and ran, Poonam ran to get him. She was hit by bullets and was unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she was immobile and at JJ hospital. Sachin was also at the hospital

(iii) Dependents (number and details): Husband Santosh Singh and 4 children, including Sachin

(iv) Details of the situation at that time: We first met her at JJ Hospital on the day she was being discharged. She was the last 26/11 case at JJ. It was February and she was not able to walk independently. The doctors told her that one day with therapy she would be able to walk. In the interim she would start with a walker, do physiotherapy. Poonam lived in a slum in Vikhroli, on a hill. Walking on a hilly area was a daily affair. The inability to walk meant she could move out of the 5x5 feet home- not even to the communal toilets. Her daughter missed school and between the husband and the daughter they managed the home. The daughter missed out on over 3 months of school and thus lost a year in education. At eleven, she also lost her childhood.

Sachin seemed fine, but post 26/11 Santosh Singh said his son was rebelling and not listening to them as much as before. He also lost mobility in one finger and has a visible big bump on his left hand.

(v) IH contact: Sangeeta Irani

(vi) Details of help/support provided by IH: Donated a Walker; paid a visit to her home at Vikhroli. Networked to get her a physiotherapist/doctor who could come to the slum to teach her the exercises. Godrej Hospital did conduct two physiotherapy sessions at her residence and then Dr Vaibhav Patil volunteered to come once a month and help the family. Indiahelps promised to help with increased rent if they found a home at the base of the slum as this would help Poonam walk more and hence recover faster.

IH asked and generated support for 11 months of rent and reimbursement of medical expenses. We are now helping with doctor visits and xrays for Sachin . We are seeking a second opinion to figure if we can revive the immobile finger. We will also seek guidance for plastic surgery and be the family through the process. We are accompanying the child to JJ Hospital for further treatment for his finger.

(vii) Media coverage (along with links where possible)§id=2&contentid=2009092620090926020025406b92cb628

(viii) Present situation: India Helps is helping with support through Sachin’s treatment, ensuring Poonam continues to receive the physiotherapy she requires and providing monetary help for part payment of rent for a year. The Taj Trust is also helping the family.

(ix) Status of the case: India Helps will help this case till Nov 2010, by part payment of rent for a year for Poonam Singh. We will review her case after a year. We will also raise funds for medicines, surgery and doctor consultation fees, xrays etc for Sachin.

(x) Future requirements: Funds for Sachin’s surgery as required

(xi) Photographs:

(xii) Present contact details of the dependants.

SANTOSH SINGH - 9833178716

India Helps Case 4: Salma

The name of the deceased is Sunil Ashok Thakray, aged about 30 years and prior to his death on November 26, 2008, he was a vendor, whose stall was located opposite one of the gates of CST station. He was killed in the CST shootout as the militants were leaving the CST premises.

He is survived by his partner Salma Thakray and her two children from a previous marriage, aged 9 and 7 years respectively.

Immediately after Sunil’s death, the family situation was fairly grim, with Salma having neither any money nor any source of livelihood. She also had no relatives to fall back upon. Further, as Sunil and Salma had not been legally married, chances of Salma being able to claim compensation of any sort from any of the government agencies or a jo0b on compassionate grounds also seemed fairly bleak. The children were however provided for and were studying in a charitable boarding school in Panvel. Prior to Sunil’s death, the couple stayed in a one room hutment in Dombivili, which Salma had to leave as she had no money for the rent after Sunil’s death. She was not professionally qualified or educated and was not doing anything when Sunil was alive. She was not employed anywhere and had no regular source of livelihood.

Her immediate requirements were a house, a stable means of livelihood and a mobile phone in order to ensure accessibility. Her long term requirements included a ration card and a bank account to enable her to save for her children.

Prior to India Helps intervention, she’d received Rs. 15,000 from the Railways as funeral expenses.

This case was handled by Sayantani Dutta from India Helps. India Helps was involved primarily in providing her with monetary aid – a team member bought her a mobile phone and a connection in order to ensure that she could be easily contacted. We also provided her with monetary aid in order in order to help her pay the deposit for a house.

India Helps Case 5

Momina Khatoon Sheikh

(i) Name of the deceased/ injured, occupation and approximate monthly earnings at the time of the casualty:

Deceased: Mohammed Umar Abdul Khalid Shaikh, (35) Taxi driver. Earnings approximately Rs 4,000-5,000 per month.

(ii) Where did the casualty occur:

Killed in the taxi explosion in Vile Parle

(iii) Dependents (number and details)

Wife: Momina Khatoon Sheikh (30), Children: Arbaz (7 yrs), Faizal (4) and Afzal (2 yrs) and the baby boy (3 months).

(iv) Details of the situation at that time:

Momina was new to the city, having arrived in Mumbai only 8 months ago. The family stayed in a small room in Govandi with a monthly rent of Rs. 1500. Eldest child had joined school. She was pregnant, without savings and had no immediate means of supporting herself, not being trained in any specific vocation. She needed medical attention as well as moral and financial support. Was dependent upon the money given by people when they visit her and the money received from the Government.

• Housing

• Treatment and medical expenses.

• Education of the children.

• Interim help with daily expenses – rent and groceries.

• Long term solution for expenses and livelihood.

(v) IH contact: Aparna Nair.

(vi) Details of help/ support provided by IH: Hearing of Momina’s plight in the aftermath of the Mumbai attacks, India Helps went to meet Momina to work out her exact and immediate needs. Immediate fund raising efforts were started, through the blog, word of mouth and using the media. It helped her pay for her monthly house rent and also followed up on the status of her case at the Taj Trust. IH provided medical assistance for Momina’s pre and post-natal care in the form of doctor’s visits, regular counseling and follow-up visits.

(vii) Media coverage:§id=1&contentid=2009020720090205171559904ff69d9f5§xslt=&comments=true&pageno=1

(viii) Present situation:

Momina safely delivered her fourth son early in August 2009. She continues to live at the same place and supplements the aid she has received by stringing garlands for a neighbouring shop. She wishes to stay on in Mumbai for the sake of her children. Her oldest son continues to be in school and she appears to be cared for by her neighbours.

(ix) Status of the case: India Helps committed itself to Momina’s aid for the first six months post-delivery. India Helps has now considered the case successfully closed.

(x) Future requirements: NA

India Helps Case No 7
Shabira Khan

i) Name of the deceased/ injured, occupation and approximate monthly earnings at the time of the casualty:
Shabira Khan, injured. Home maker who took tuitions. Rs 3000 approx.
(ii) Where did the casualty occur:
She was injured by the taxi blast at Wadi Bunder along with her son, Abdul.
(iii) Dependents (number and details): The family comprises Shabira, her husband, her children, Abdul (24), Khalid (22), Sabah (19)m Shaheen (18), Shahid (17) and Sajid (14). Her husband works with Bombay Port Trust, earning Rs. 3,000 per month. All the kids except Abdul, the oldest are studying in school (Jamiya Islamiya school).
(iv) Details of the situation at that time:
She had splinters which were embedded and had damaged her nerves in her foot and back. Her oldest son Abdul had a splinter below his right eye which thankfully missed his eye, and hence has not lost vision.
(v) IH contact: Suma Nagmote
(vi) Details of help/ support provided by IH: India Helps helped raise funds for surgery to be conducted on Shabira's foot. Shabira was languishing in hospitals for close to six months post 26/11. She was shifted out of JJ to BPT, Wadala. She was then shifted to to Saifee hospital for an operation on her foot. During her stay at Saifee, they discovered she had jaundice in her system, detecting which doctors at Saifee asked her to be transferred to Kasturbha Hospital which they told the family is a hospital specially equipped to handle jaundice. When she was transferred there too, the operation could not be done, and since they cannot afford medical fees, she was brought back to Wadala (BPT).
One of the daughters had taken leave from school to be with her everyday during her hospitalisation.
(vii) Media coverage : Nil
(viii) Present situation: Shabira is out of hospital and back home.
(ix) Status of the case: Case Closed

India Helps Case No 8
Bhanu Narkar

Employed as a watchman at the Cama Hospital on the night of the 26th, Bhanu Narkar was killed in the firing. He is survived by a wife, two sons and a daughter.
India Helps visited them twice, and helped with cash payments (about Rs 2000) and a month’s supply of groceries. Additional support in filing paperwork ad finding employment for the sons was offered, but the Narkars declined. The older son subsequently took over his father’s job at Cama, while the younger found a job as a cleaner. The daughter is in school and planned on finishing college.

Cheetah Camp Fire victim: Shabnam

Cheetah Camp area, hutments were razed to the ground in Jan 09 after a devastating fire. Shabnam lived there with her four sisters and mother, their father has been missing for over a year. The girls had no home to live in, and could not visit school due to lack of funds for transport, and no clothes or utensils as well, since all they had was burnt in the fire. Shabnam, the eldest sister is a graduate but has lost all her documents. They were living in a dispensary offered by a kind soul but had to move out. Indiahelps has offered them interim relief for groceries, and daily needs. Panchtatva has given them six months rent. India Helps provided them with a sewing machine, clothes and utensils. Shabnam has now found a job with a bank and is financially independent and India Helps is delighted to close the case.

Ahana Mishra

Suffering from severe dystonic cerebral palsy
Abandoned by father, Mother murdered
In the care of her maternal grandmother, Poornima

Her Needs:

* Cash for treatment and medicines
* Building a corpus for future financial security
* Legal security for Poornima as guardian

India Helps intervention:

* India Helps volunteers in constant touch with Poornima
* Cash handed over to meet medical needs

Pavement Schools

"If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children." - Mahatma Gandhi

We at India Helps strongly believe that basic education should be accessible to all.

India Helps co-runs three pavement schools on Link Road, Goregaon, Mumbai. These schools aim to educate street kids who literally live on the streets with no homes and no access to proper school. The schools counsel and teach these kids everyday.

We provide daily snacks, stationery to all the kids that attend school. We propose to provide the kids with school bags, water bottles, Tiffin boxes. We also propose to get guest teachers to introduce different concepts to these kids for e.g. Art & Craft. We are committed to this project on a long term basis and plan to extend the same model to various other pavements.

We also plan to identify and provide scholarships to the deserving students from these schools and send them to formal schools.

The schools are open Mondays to Saturdays 8 am to 10 am, and 3 pm to 6pm. Anyone who would like to teach the kids, offer them snacks or just drop in is welcome.

We welcome offers to help us in any way you can- it could be with teachers' fees,books,stationery,school bags,snacks,to teach,or just come and provide moral support to the kids. Please do write to us at or for further details.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

About Us

What is India Helps?
India Helps is a grassroots organisation of like-minded citizens, formed in the aftermath of the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai.
Who Are We?
Kiran Manral, (Media consultant, blogger and entrepreneur) conceived the idea of a direct-help effort that would put donors in touch with victims and their families. Several bloggers and non-bloggers from Mumbai joined into pledge their support and resources.
Our Mumbai-based core team consists of professionals (lawyers, architects, educators, entrepreneurs, market researchers, corporate communicators) and homemakers. Today, we have chapters in Pune, Kolkata, New Delhi and Chennai and coordinators on the US East and West Coast and London.
The events of November 26, 2008 served as a catalyst to assemble us as a grassroots, hands-on citizens' action force of volunteers. What binds us as a team is our desire to directly help fellow Indians in need.
What Do We Do?
Our priority: to help the families of the victims of the 26/11 terror attacks get functional again.
Along with passing on cheques from concerned donors directly to the families, we hand-hold the families, where possible, providing resources (rehabilitative care, education, employment opportunities/contacts, medical aid) and immediate funding (rent and groceries, in cases of loss of breadwinner's life) till they find their bearings again. We forward high priority cases to the Taj Public Welfare Trust for additional aid.
How do we do it? >
We approach families directly as we learn about them from police contact lists, the media and or even information passed on by well-wishers.
The response to our efforts has been heartening. Victims' families have mostly welcomed us graciously and many people from around the world contacted us wishing to specifically contribute to the families of those who have been affected by the current or earlier man-made tragedies.
As the first point of contact for families affected by the tragedy we set up an initial meeting and post a Needs Assessment Report on the India Helps blog.
Donors (individuals, families, philanthropists and corporates) can then choose a case they wish to assist and contact us or the family directly.
Every member of India Helps has alternate sources of income and our work is entirely voluntary and free of charge. All monies and material goods received are channeled directly to the intended recipients and administrative costs are borne by the team members themselves. In the event that a particular family's need is urgent in nature, we pitch in to contribute toward expenses such as monthly groceries, doctor's fees and educational aid.
How can you help? >
* You can join India Helps as a volunteer, being part of our hands-on effort at helping affected families. Your time and energy are always welcome.
* You can provide financial aid, employment opportunities, sponsorship of children's education, monthly groceries and rent until alternative means of income are worked out, assistance with compensation paperwork or the commitment to adopt a destitute family until it can function independently.
* You can provide voluntary professional expertise, such as therapy for post-trauma counselling, legal and medical aid, occupational training, contacts with non-profit and governmental organisations etc.
* You can spread the word about India Helps and be a "connector" who puts interested donors in touch with our team.

Remember, the only qualification you need is the desire to help.