Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pintu Kumar Yadav-13/7 Victim

We are still looking for aid for Pintu Kumar Yadav, a 13/7 victim.

This is the report from Linus Chettiar, our team member who had visited him at Harkissondas Hospital.

This evening I met one more Opera House blast victim recuperating at
the Harkishondas Hospital.

Pintu Kumar Yadav (20) hails from Jharkhand, is married and has a kid.
He worked in Sandwhich stall near Opera house.

He has lost his right limb, flesh ripped out from his left limb, private parts injured, lost his left thumb.

He is being attended to by his father who has come from their village.

They are pretty hard up for funds. Father depends on charity of some
people in the hospital for his daily food.

Shot term need : funds for daily sustenance

Long term need : Prosthetic legs and job for Pintu.

Any cheques made out to Pintu Kumar Yadav could be mailed to us at
India Helps, 12 Bhanumati CHS,
Bangur Nagar, Goregaon West.
Mumbai 400090.

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Update on Karuna Waghela

This update from Sangeeta:

Dear All,

I met Karuna and her son today. I gave her clothes for her daughter. But was unable to help her with clothes for her younger son who is in the 2nd standard and for her older  son (11 years old ). I will collect and manage to give some clothes in 2 months time - will source from some one in that age  group near my home.

Karuna said she is the only child her parents have and she called them here to help as she is out of her home  for 10 hours a day. Only the youngest child studies in English medium . She believes that the son who studies in English medium may go places. I explained to her and her son that while" English medium "is good there are Gujarati medium people who are very successful too .

She said that she has been to her in laws and has fought with them asking for at least  Rs one lakh for her kids but they have told her she is welcome to come and stay in  the village with them as they will shift eventually. That is where the compensation  money was used.

She says that she is looking out for an office cleaning job as she is home and can work after 4 p.m. and would like to earn more  funds. She is going to her village and once she is back she will look to supplement her income. She told me that her husband used to decorate  - had a decoration business and hence they never had to live only on salary  when he was alive.

"I am not afraid of working and bringing up my kids alone but I am scared of the cost of things and price hike." In her words -mehengai. She is a fighter and the positive spirit  is great.

Here is a photo of Karuna- she was keen that she looked cheerful as Suma didi will be worried otherwise!



(If anyone would like to help Karuna, do let us know at

Friday, November 25, 2011

Rs 1200 to help an underprivileged child discover books

From: Mcubed library <>
Date: 26 November 2011 12:26:04 PM GMT+05:30
Vibha K <>
Subject: Ignite the passion for reading-Sponsor a Child !

Dear Friends,

We are now 8 weeks old and we have been absolutely blown away with the
kind of enthusiasm and support we have received from all of you.Can we
ever thank you enough?

But even so, -thank you so much!!!

We are now at 220 members with new ones joining us everyday.Out of
these, there are many who pay the monthly membership fees and then
there are others who just cannot .These members are very special as
they are really new guests to the banquet of books.

Would you consider sponsoring some of these children?

At Rs 1200 you can sponsor a child for 1 year .

You can make a difference . Please make a donation - get a friend , a
corporate firm, or a foundation to make one too.
Sponsoring even one child will go a long way in helping us in our endeavour.

Should you wish to donate kindly send us the cheque in favour of
Maharashtra Mitra Mandal

We look forward to hearing from you.

And thank you so much.

Warm regards

Sonal, Vaishali, Vibha

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Update on Pranati Das

This from Sangeeta:

Dear All,
Pranati came with a relative to my mother's clinic for a check up.
Dr.Singhvi (My mother) has asked her to eat well, she has digestion
problems, has bad eating habits - does not eat nutritious food, and
has a hemoglobin count problem too.
The doctor has prescribed medicines- cost less than Rs 100 and Pranati
paid and has asked her to do a colour sonography after 10 days. I will
pay for the colour sonography.
Based on the sonography further decisions will be taken. My mother
speaks Bengali and that was a huge comfort factor for Pranati. She
will turn 34 this year. She needs to work even if 4 hours a day. She
would like to home at lunch time to see her son who is in the 9th std
First focus - get her health okay.
Next - Job ...she needs to get independent for the long term. Right
now she gets funds.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Help raise funds for a child

Check out one very witty man's efforts here:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ahem Ahem was kind enough to do a little write up on us. Here is
the link: