Monday, November 28, 2011

Update on Karuna Waghela

This update from Sangeeta:

Dear All,

I met Karuna and her son today. I gave her clothes for her daughter. But was unable to help her with clothes for her younger son who is in the 2nd standard and for her older  son (11 years old ). I will collect and manage to give some clothes in 2 months time - will source from some one in that age  group near my home.

Karuna said she is the only child her parents have and she called them here to help as she is out of her home  for 10 hours a day. Only the youngest child studies in English medium . She believes that the son who studies in English medium may go places. I explained to her and her son that while" English medium "is good there are Gujarati medium people who are very successful too .

She said that she has been to her in laws and has fought with them asking for at least  Rs one lakh for her kids but they have told her she is welcome to come and stay in  the village with them as they will shift eventually. That is where the compensation  money was used.

She says that she is looking out for an office cleaning job as she is home and can work after 4 p.m. and would like to earn more  funds. She is going to her village and once she is back she will look to supplement her income. She told me that her husband used to decorate  - had a decoration business and hence they never had to live only on salary  when he was alive.

"I am not afraid of working and bringing up my kids alone but I am scared of the cost of things and price hike." In her words -mehengai. She is a fighter and the positive spirit  is great.

Here is a photo of Karuna- she was keen that she looked cheerful as Suma didi will be worried otherwise!



(If anyone would like to help Karuna, do let us know at

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Amit said...

Let me know the location, and details . Will try to help through my network