Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Update on Pranati Das

This from Sangeeta:

Dear All,
Pranati came with a relative to my mother's clinic for a check up.
Dr.Singhvi (My mother) has asked her to eat well, she has digestion
problems, has bad eating habits - does not eat nutritious food, and
has a hemoglobin count problem too.
The doctor has prescribed medicines- cost less than Rs 100 and Pranati
paid and has asked her to do a colour sonography after 10 days. I will
pay for the colour sonography.
Based on the sonography further decisions will be taken. My mother
speaks Bengali and that was a huge comfort factor for Pranati. She
will turn 34 this year. She needs to work even if 4 hours a day. She
would like to home at lunch time to see her son who is in the 9th std
First focus - get her health okay.
Next - Job ...she needs to get independent for the long term. Right
now she gets funds.


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Amit said...

Please forward me her location and contact details. I will try to help her come out of this problems