Thursday, October 29, 2009

Help needed with rent for a 26/11 victim

This report in from Sangeeta:
Sachin Singh, Poonam Singh's son, who received hand injuries during 26/11.

I went with Santosh Singh (Poonam Singh's husband) and Sachin (son) to Dr Panchal at Mahim. Dr Panchal made us take an x-ray and felt that there perhaps no chance. The ring finger on Sachins left hand, one joint is not there. It has fused to become one stiff bone with no mobility. He said that plastic surgery could take care of the bump.
He has guided us to another doctor at Chembur, called Dr Hemant Pathankar who specialises in hand surgery. I called him, he has asked me to call him next Wednesday night at 9 pm for next Thursday appt. I may not manage to go next Thursday.

Santosh Singh needs help - Rs 1500/- pm towards rent. He came down to the base of the slum and got a home with an attached toilet as Poonam lacks mobility (She was injured on her legs and is currently undergoing physiotherapy to regain mobility). I had promised to help if he moved down. The rent is Rs 3000/- pm. We need to pitch in with Rs 1500/- pm.

As I had asked for proof, he has given me a copy of the rent agreement. He also gave me bills worth Rs 1500/- for Poonam's treatment.

Edited to add: If you would like to help Poonam Singh with Rs 1500/- pm, please do write in to us and we will forward you the bank account details for Santosh and Poonam Singh. We need only 10 kind souls to chip in with Rs 1500/- to enable this lady live a life of dignity.

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