Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Detailed appeal from Goonj for Andhra/Karnataka Flood relief

It is indeed heartening to see the number of emails coming in wanting further information on how to contribute to flood relief work. It is moments like this that reinforce my belief that every Indian, regardless of personal circumstance, is keen to help a fellow Indian in trouble.

I recieved the detailed mail from Goonj yesterday, requesting specifics for flood relief. I have pasted it below, along with details of drop points and volunteers in various cities across India for your reference. Do call in, organise collection camps in your residential complex, do your bit. Help as much as you can:

This is an URGENT APPEAL to join GOONJ in its campaign 'RAHAT FLOODS' to provide support to the victims of one of the worst floods in the last hundred years. The situation is grim and millions of people are affected by the devastation.
GOONJ has been working extensively in disaster relief for many years now. During the devastating Bihar floods last year, with large-scale civic participation, GOONJ channelised about 1500 tonnes of material. More recently, in Cyclone Aila in West Bengal, we were again actively involved in relief operations.
With a wide network of organizations and people present in most of the affected districts we are confident of reaching relief at the earliest possible. While the dispatch of material has already started the need based relief efforts will continue for the next few months.
Possible options for joining this campaign
Material support (Needed- large quantities of..)
* Dry ration- Rice, pulses, biscuits, packed eatables
* Water purifier tablets
* Basic medicines
* Sarees & Children clothing
* Tarpaulins and thick plastic sheets
* Bed sheets, Blankets & Mosquito nets
* Export surplus/ Cotton cloth for making sanitary napkins
* Stoves, cooking and water storage utensils/buckets
* Lanterns, candles, matchbox, torch & batteries
* Feeding bottles, ropes and also all kind of usable clothing & footwear.
(For the list of collection centers, please log on to
Logistical support-
* Transport support to reach the material to effected areas
* Space for collection centers
* Facilities for local pickups
* Transportation of material from different cities to GOONJ processing centers in a few cities.
Financial support-
Donations in India- Please send cash/cheque/draft in the name of GOONJ and send it to GOONJ.., J-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 76 (Kindly send your full name, address & Pan No. with the contribution for receipt/accounting purpose. (All donations to GOONJ in India are tax exempted u/s 80 G of IT act.)
Overseas donation can reach us through Cheque (in the name of GOONJ with your full particulars) or by wire transfer with an information on
Rotate it (valid only for overseas donations) through Wacovia Bank, New York swift code- 2000193008933, GOONJ, A/C No- 2591101004644
Bank- Canara Bank, H block, market Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 76
Contact- GOONJ
H.O Delhi- J-93, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi- 76 Tel.- 011-26972351, 41401216 E-mail-
Mumbai- Mr. Rohit Singh Tel.- 9322381600, Email-
Chennai- Mr. Vimal Tel.- 9842665320, Email-
Kolkata- Mr. Iftikar Tel.- 9748691735, Email-
Jalandhar- Ms. Daljeet Tel.- 9855023391, Email-
Saharsa (Bihar)- Mr. Sheoji Tel.- 9631568989, Email-
Voluntary set ups-
Hyderabad- Mr. Ramana Tel.- 9849600002 Email- & Ms. Nitu Tel.- 9908607775, Email- (please call between 7.00 p.m. & 9.00 p.m. only)
Bangalore- Ms. Smitha Tel.- 9986213181 Email-
Pune- Ms. Gauri Bapat Tel.- 9881090695 Email-
Do spread the word, talk to your friends & relatives, help us to organise campaigns in the offices, residential areas and schools.
With best,
Anshu Gupta (Ashoka Fellow)
Founder Director

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