Monday, December 1, 2008

Here's how you can help

We visited the family of the sweeper of GT Hospital yesterday to enquire what we could do to help.
The family, I am told, lives in a pitiable condition. The shanty they live in is in a ramshackle condition. There is no money to even conduct the rites tomorrow. No groceries to feed three children. Salary had not yet come in, now that the wage earner is gone.
Any cash, groceries and provisions help would be highly appreciated. Please deliver directly to
Thakur Budhabhai Waghela's residence, The address is ST College Compound,Badruddin Tyabji Marg, G T Hospital, near Room No 1, Mumbai 40001
He has three childrenRashmi (Std 3)Dhawal (2nd Std)And Niraj, who is in nursery. I will request for their fee books, to pay their entire years fees. It isRs 500 per month. Anyone want to help out with this?

For the Watchman of Cama Hospital
1] Send cheques directly in the name of:Pravin Bhanu Narkar
(with an accompanying letter to the Medical Supt/Matron of CamaHospital, VT, stating this is to be deposited in his account for relief).
His son is 24 and jobless and not qualified. A peons job or a deliveryboy or something could be worked out which does not require qualifications would be great. If anyone can organise something like that. Please do let us know.

2] Baban Ugde
Also a Cama Hospital staffer killed
Servant Quarters
Cama Hospital,
Cheque to be made out in his name and handed over to the matron or medical superintendent with an accompanying letter.


Anonymous said...

I am in USA and would like to help out. I have asked people in my community to contribute and am sure would get some response from them. I would like to send a cheque or transfer some money electronically. Just let me know the details.

Anonymous said...

Prem: Thank you so much. Let the dust settle a bit, and let me zone in on the families who really have need of it, and will definitely put the details up on the blog.