Thursday, December 25, 2008

26/11 Compensation Criteria

(Courtesy The Times of India)
Those who want to claim compensation should be ready with the following documents:
Police Report/FIR
Death cum Post Mortem Certificate in the event of death
Medical certificate in the event of permanent incapacitation
Birth certificate of the claimant (if minor) and other documents for determining rightful beneficiary

The Procedure:
Based on hospital reports, the district committe would send recommendations to the joint secretary of MHA in New Delhi in the prescribed form with a copy to the Home department of the state government.
All the documents would have to be verified and certified by the district committee.
The cheque would be deposited in the FD account of the beneficiary with instructions to the bank that no premature withrawal may be allowed.
The kin of victims can inform bank account details to :
Y R Bhalerao, Deputy Collector, Old Customs House, Third Floor, Shaheed Bhagatsingh Marg, Fort, Mumbai 400001
For Deaths and injuries at CST one can file claims with the Railway Claims Tribunal.
For assistance former BJP MP Kirit Somaiya can be contacted at, or on 21634152. Somiaya is volunteering to give free medical aid to all victims and their kin. He will assist victims / kins in getting a job in the railways.

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