Sunday, December 28, 2008

Report from Govandi

And this report from Shyaam and Aparna

Dear All,

We had gone to Memoon Khatoon's house yesterday (wife of cab driver who died in the Vile Parle blast). We gave her the amount (Rs. 2500/-) and we also told her that we are ready to help her out if she is keen on attending talioring classes.But she told us that she is pregnant (2 months) and she will not be in a position to do any kind of work now and in the coming months. We told her that in case she feels that she will be able to do something she can let us know so that we may be able to make necessary arrangements.The issue is she will have to be supported for the coming months. She will be a mother of 4 children at the end of this year. Thankfully her eldest son's school fees for the year has been paid. We will need to figure out a solution for her other worries in life. She was also complaining about having constant chest pains for which she is taking medicines.
It looks like she will need support for another 2 years this seems to be a long term affair. I think we should may be try speaking to cooperates who might be willing to do so. Or any other suggestions?
We had also gone to Ganesh's house (son of Sitaram who died in CST firing) to collect the bio-data and he was thrilled to see us. He really expects us to get him a good job. We told him that he may get only a job such as delivery boy/office assitant now and he should while working also pursue his studies and finish his 12th so that he will be better qualified and will get a better job once he finishes his 12th. He also showed his certificates and gold medals which he earned for karate (he has earned black belt in sub-junior level).

Two issues here: Long term support from Memoona Khatoon.


A job for the boy.

If anyone can help out do email me at or just leave me a comment here with your email id and will get in touch with you.

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