Monday, December 22, 2008

Report from Kandivali

This from the very earnest Nomad.

News from Kandivali :

* I talked to Janardhan Chitekar, he has lost his two children aged 7 and 10 - a boy and a girl. For the time being he has gone back to his village and has not filed any of the claims etc. He is coming back to Bombay in the next 3-4 days and will contact me when he does. Since the victims were children I do not think he will require financial help, what he will require is to be put in touch with the right people who will help him file his papers. Kiran, as we discussed, I told him that we will be able to help him or take him to Sanjay Nirupam's office.

* Also talked to Sunil Asrani and his father Mr. Arjun Asrani, who lost his 26 year old daughter. Arjun Asrani and his wife Kavita are retired and Sunil is working. From my converation with them I think they are financially ok and may not need help with that. However, the father said that he is grappling with some claims queries and with the son working he is finding it difficult to deal with this, he asked if we will be able to help with that. I will be meeting him either today or tommorow and will get the list of queries - we can then work to get the details and provide them. Will also access any other needs they may have at this time.

* My maid,  Nanda didi had told me that she lost a cousin who was shot at VT, he is survived by two young children, the wife (who is uneducated) and an old mother. They have also gone back to their village and are trying to figure out the best course to survival. I have told Nanda to get all possible details, contact number etc. and will take it from there.

I do hope to help the grieving families whatever way we can ... it just feels strange putting them as bullet point tasks.

Thanks Nomad, let's try to do what we can!

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