Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here's where you can help

The Taj Group, which saw a major part of terrorist carnage on its premises, has set up The Taj Public Service Welfare Trust to provide, and I quote "immediate relief to individuals and families affected by the recent terror attacks in Mumbai, the general public, police and security forces, employees of the Taj and other establishments.
The trust will henceforth come to the aid of victims of terror, natural calamities and other tragic events that inflict damage to life and property. "

And I trust Mr Ratan Tata.

Contact them at The Taj Public Service Welfare Trust, Mandlik House, 2nd floor, Mandlik rd, Colaba, Mumbai 400001. Tel: 91 22 66395515, email:

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Anonymous said...

Oh wow....I trust Ratan Tata too. Will definitely pitch in.