Thursday, December 4, 2008

One more family...

One of the watchmen shot dead by the terrorist, Pravin Bhanu Narkar, of the Cama Hospital.
His family lives at Powai, and kbpm was kind enough to visit them yesterday.
They would appreciate groceries and cash help till they get their dues in.
Also, as I had written on the blog earlier, his eldest son is 24 and jobless. Any jobs would be welcome.
Anyone who would like to visit them to offer help or a job, do mail me at and I will pass on the address.

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Anonymous said...


i am planning to go back to them tomorrow (saturday) or day after (sunday) with the promised grocery items. i am happy to co-ordinate with others who would like to donate things and also come with me. We are looking at a family of about 5 adults, and a month or two worth of basics.

please pass on the info once you get it on indiahelps.