Sunday, December 28, 2008

Report from Mahim

This comes from Sangeeta:

Dear All,
I vistied Mrs Husainbi Peerpasha Shaikh, wife of one of the waiter who worked at Leopold. Her husband was shot dead. She stays at Mahim with her mother in law and 5 children. Her bother in law Mr Chand works at Leopold has now shifted in and stays with them.
They have got the Rs 5 lakhs compensation. It's in the bank  but have not put that in an FD as yet . They need money to run the home and are looking at saving money for the elder daughter. She is in the 9th but by the 12th std the girls get married in their community.
The girls education is free but the boys education has to be paid as they go to an English school.
They need to pay Rs 450*6 =  2700 for the younger sons 6 monthly fee.
They used to pay Rs 2000 a month for tutions for all 5 children
They need 50 Kgs Rice and 20 kgs wheat - that lasts for a month and a week . This costs Rs 1500 p.m. and they buy this from the ration shop.
Right now what I can gather is that they cannot invest the Rs 5 lakhs as they need money to run the home too. And the want to save for the impending marriage of the daughter. She was learning mehndi application  but things are different now.
The way I see it they need running expenses of Rs 5000 a month . The wife has a bak account with SBI . Cheques can be made in the name of Husanbi Peerpasha Shaikh.

Edited to add: We are looking for kind souls who can help with the monthly expenses, the fees and the groceries.

Also we are looking at creating a corpus to be handed over to her. Details of that will be posted as soon as we thrash out logistics.

Please do drop a line at if you would like to help in anyway.

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