Sunday, December 21, 2008

Animal Angels

Thank you Nomad for this one, although I posted it a bit late given my inbox was overflowing, but I am sure it will be of help to those who need it.

A comforting hug from a dog is one way of letting out your pent up stress. This is called Animal Assisted Therapy. Animals are unconditional and their touch is soothing. Most of the time people in trauma or in a state of shock don't want to talk as they re experience the trauma. With animals you do not need to talk. Even if you hug the therapy dog, it provides you immense comfort and reassurance. It also helps in catharsis or venting out of emotions. A person may cry on hugging the dog as it releases the emotions locked up inside. Also the animal is non judgmental. An animal will not judge you for what you do or say, hence providing a very open environment to express oneself.
Please pass on this information to anyone who has been rescued from the Mumbai terror blast, family of survivors, or was a part of the rescue operation. Our NGO Animal Angels Foundation, comprising of counselors, therapists and trained Therapy Dogs are offering free counseling and visits by our therapy dogs for all the survivors, rescued/injured people.
You can contact me on 9987509102 and 9421004291.
You can visit our website
This is our way of lending out a helping hand/paw. Please give us a chance to help those how have made us live another day in Mumbai.
Mrs. Minal KavishwarPresidentAnimal Angels FoundationWebsite:

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