Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Think about this....

This is what the Mad Momma had to write a couple of days ago, and a knife twisted in my stomach.
But 4,500 homes in Kandhamal have been destroyed. FOURTEEN THOUSAND people are living in government relief camps and jungles - STILL too scared to even return home let alone return to business. Villages are ransacked. Homes burned to the ground. Priests killed and even a nun raped and paraded naked down the streets. A woman hacked into pieces and thrown into the forest. No one is sending them food, blankets or medicines. Bombay hospitals are overflowing with goodwill. Do send some this way for these poor people who need it too.
After the Bombay attacks we were filled with sympathy and outrage. The nation cursed politicians. Heads rolled. The security and intelligence agencies were questioned for not acting fast enough. In Orissa the violence lingers on. More violence is threatened. Nobody cares. No politician is sacked. No resignations demanded. No security measures put in place - even while
our metro airports beef up security. In Kandhamal you have to sign a document renouncing your faith and undergo a purification rite if you wish to go home.

Yes, what are we doing about Orissa? Nothing. Mumbai has grabbed all our attention and kept it. People are dying. Being killed in a religious pogrom perpetuated by the majority over the minority. And these are not terrorists trained in Pakistan either.
Go here to help. And how do we fight the enemy within?


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

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Kiran Manral said...

Of course, I dont. Am honoured. Thanks dear.