Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Report from the Asrani home

She was 26 years old. And she had gone to CST to meet a friend. A bright bubbly cheerful girl. Meetu Asrani. The Nomad and I visited her home yesterday in Kandivali's Charkop area. We were welcomed by her parents, stoic in the grief, more composed than we were. The family is relatively comfortable and does not need any financial support as we could surmise. All that we could help out with was the nitty gritties of following up on the claims which had been filed since the parents are too aged to do the running around. Meetu's brother works with a private company and has just resumed work.
We have taken down the details and will keep you posted on the progress.


Anonymous said...

Meetu lost her life at Cafe Leopold.

She was with me and my boyfriend. We were all laying close together under the table when she was hit. Meetu left us immediately and did not suffer pain, I know because I was holding her hand.
She was with friends who cared about her.

Meetus family was informed as soon as I was able to reach them.

My boyfriend was discharged from hospital Dec. 16.
Sunday Dec. 21st. we went to Leopold and left a rose by our table. A rose for Meetu.
We left Mumbai next morning.

Bless Meetus family and all who loved her.
I'm so, so sorry...

Line Kristin Woldbeck

Kiran Manral said...

Line Kristin: Thank you for writing in...I hope your boyfriend is well now...God bless you and keep you both safe...

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Kiran.

We are eternally greatful to the fantastic doctors and staff at Bombay Hospital (and our insurance company).

Not to forget Mumbai's wonderful, caring and loving people, - you will stay in our hearts for ever.

My deepest respect and heartfelt gratefullness goes out to you for being there for Meetu's familiy and all others in need of empathy, love and support.

Take good care of yourselves!


Sachin said...

Hey Line,

Thank you for your post.

Meetu was a very dear friend of mine and like many of her other close friends who loved her, its been a very difficult to know that she is not with us anymore. Wherever meetu is right now i am sure she knows how much we miss her.

When i last visited india in 2007, she took me to Cafe Leopold and thats the only time i have ever been there.

I would always miss my dear friend.

- Sachin Deokar