Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Biscuits and Fruits, please

Candles are going to be pretty media sound bytes, but I'd rather help out in other ways.
The staff at the hospitals where the injured have been admitted have been admitted have requested the layman to help the injured with fruits and biscuits for a good diet, requisite to enable the healing process to be speedy.
The standard hospital diets are not enough, fruits and fruit juices, which are essential are beyond hospital budgets.
Children refuse bland hospital food. Biscuits would be welcome for them.

Please send fruits and biscuits to the poorer wounded at the following hospitals:
JJ hospital: Dr Jaidev (23735555)
St George: Dr Ashok Shinde ( 9869 050622)
GT Hospital: 22630553
Please forward this to all concerned Mumbaikars.


Anonymous said...

hi kiran, linking this blog to my post so that the message spreads...do you have an email id where i can reach you?

Anonymous said...

Sure Suma, thanks for the link, you can reach me at kiranmanral@gmail.com