Saturday, March 21, 2009

Update on Momina

This came in from Parul today:

Hello All,

Aparna and I went to meet Momina. The three kids were there and her sister has arrived from her village to help her out for a few months. I must say Momina was looking quite well and Aparna too mentioned that she is looking better with every visit. The older kids were getting ready to go to school.

Aparna handed her the cheque.

I tried talking to her several times about her future and how she should try to take care of her children. It cannot be easy. It's a tiny room that she stays in and with three kids running all over the place and the fourth one on the way, the sewing machine cannot be a sustainable source of livelihood. However, and this is the important thing, she does not seem willing to give it a shot either. There seems to be no urge to seek any sort of indepedence. It is a deep-set mindset and I don't think it can or will change. She kept circumventing the topic every time I brought it up.

Aparna has given her her mobile number and we have told Momina that she should call us in case she needs any help at all.

That's it, folks. Have a nice weekend.

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