Monday, March 2, 2009

Update on Momina

Hello everybody,

Shyaam and I visited Momina's place yesterday. From our first meeting to date, she has started looking so much better. She has accepted life and is at least making an effort to move on. She was glad to see us. Shyaam bought chocolates for the kids and it was a delight to see them. They ran around the entire house expressing their happiness.

We gave her the cheques of Rs 9000 (thanks Divya) and Rs 2000 (thanks Sunayana) each.

She also told us that now her doctor is not taking any consultation fee from her. And the doctor had asked her to tell this to anyone who comes and asks about her medical expenses.

Right now she has her sister staying with her to help her with work and the kids. One thing we have noticed every time we go to her place is that even though the house is small, it is spick and span.

While leaving we also met her eldest son. He has done well in his exams and is regular to school tuitions and his Arabic classes. She expressed her desire to teach him so that he does well in life.


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