Monday, March 23, 2009

Update on Ahana

This from Orangejammies:

Hello people,

Here's a condensed update on the Ahana situation, as of this Saturday. I have not had an opportunity to speak with Purnima after that. She is likely to be discharged from Jaslok by the 25th or 26th. Dr. Udwadia Hegde has rejected the wheelchair that Purnima had ordered for her, so she's lost 7000 rupees. I asked her to either keep it or then ensure Mr. Joshi sells it and gives her the proceeds. According to Purnima, the doc has recommended an Otto bock wheelchair for Ahana, which will cost in the vicinity of a lakh and twenty five thousand rupees. Purnima is keen on getting a second hand one, if at all.

Sue, I asked where they'd be living in Kolkata, and she said her daughter currently lives in Tollygunge but they are looking for a rental apartment at present time and that could be anywhere in the city.

Purnima is keen that she, Ahana, the nurse and a doctor travel to Kolkata by train, since Ahana developed complications the last time she travelled by air. I will speak with Dr. Nabi about this tomorrow.

That's it from my end, folks. Good night.

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