Monday, March 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ahana!

From team India Helps.

OrangeJammies went in to meet Ahana today, as did Shyaam. Here is OJ's report:

Hi Team,
Firstly, you guys are totally fabulous for sending in all those gorgeous presents for Ahana! I felt like Santa and my arms now have muscles from lugging all that loot. I went to Jaslok at 4.10 pm and stayed until 5. We gently introduced Ahana to all the beautifully wrapped packages and the card and bouquet of roses and then opened each one. She was dressed in a new tee-shirt and shorts set and her grandmother said they had a separate outfit for the evening. I was pleasantly surprised to see that some colorful streamers had been put up on the walls and the windows. She was a bit cranky on-and-off today but did reach out to brush her fingers against the pink teddy and didn't seem to mind when Poornima made the little beige one nuzzle her cheek and "kiss" her. We put up her card on the wall (it's baby blue and has teddies on it--and says "from the bunch of us on your birthday") and arranged her gifts on the bed for her to see them. We had a doll, 2 teddies, a puzzle, a portable mini-radio with headphones (that made me wish it were my birthday), a puzzle/mould toy, a skirt and blouse outfit, the cheque from Smitha that I handed over (many thank yous, Smitha!), the huge birthday card, roses and chocolate cake. Am I missing anything? We sang happy birthday and lit candles and cut the cake. Joining us in the celebration from the adjacent cubicle were 5 year old Nidhi, a cancer patient, and her family. Little Nidhi, who is as bald as the Mahatma, has been very curious about "the aunty who comes to see Ahana" and wanted me to get Akshay Kumar to meet her! Oh lordee, help! I know more about Mars than Bollywood!
I took some pictures and will send them in two or three installments because the file is too big to send in one go. What was touching was that all the ward boys and cleaning ladies on the floor asked me how the birthday celebration was as I left. As a preschool owner, I get my share of warm fuzzies daily, but the dose today made me bounce down 9 flights of stairs without bothering to wait for the elevator.
Thank you, Team. I was so proud to represent all of you today.
The good news is that Ahana is likely to be in hospital until the 21st, after which she and Poornima will move to Nemat Jabbar's house for a week to 10 days and then onward to Calcutta. It may be a good idea to get the transition plan in place, as well as the flight tickets, once they are discharged. We also need to complete bank account formalities with the Niigaams before Ahana leaves the city.
Thanks and good night.

Edited to add: A big Thank You to Prachi (Rs 10,000 cash), Smitha (Rs 5000 cheque) and Manjari (Rs 7000 for the wheelchair)for the money given to Poornima. Thank you Madhavi for the birthday outfit, Priyanka for the radio, Parul for the Teddy bear and OJ for being Cake and card bearing Santa!

We need to organise three flight tickets to Kolkata and one return ticket for Ahanas nurse who will be going with them to help Ahana settle. If any CSR division of any airlines could help us, we would be grateful! Or any kind soul who would like to sponsor the fares, could write in to us at

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sscribbles said...

OJ, you did a wonderful job. Big hug to you :)

Anonymous said...

@ sscribbles: I was only the bearer of the cheque a certain kind soul sent in. :0) Big hug right back. It was lovely to meet you.