Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Update on Ahana

This report from Orangejammies:

Hi all,

Spoke with Purnima this evening. Ahana gets discharged from Jaslok this Friday, March 27th. They leave for Kolkata next Thursday, April 2nd at 8.25 pm, by the Tilak Nagar-- Howrah Samarsatta Express. Ahana, Purnima and the nurse Ranjana will be travelling by 1st class AC. She is not keen on flying since she fears health complications (she mentioned a heart attack occuring in mid air). So I suppose the best we can do is come up with 3 one-way train fares and one return (for the nurse, whom she will send back after Poila Boishakh/ Bengali New Year.) By the way, she strongly recommends the nurse and has requested that we keep her in mind in case we know of anyone with the need for one.

About the wheelchair: Purnima has kept the rejected wheelchair with her since it wouldn't be appropriate for anyone else anyway, made as it was to Ahana's specifications. She has also given Rs. 20,000 to Rochelle Lobo of Otto bock to get hold of the kind of wheelchair Dr. Udwadia-Hegde recommends. She is now worried about coming up with the rest of the money, which is a lakh of rupees.

Ahana is doing well. Purnima's older daughter has rented a home close to hers and will be staying with them. She said her son-in-law would not join them there but would be available close at hand if problems arose.

I will be going to see Purnima and Ahana one last time on Thursday. She has said she will keep in touch with me from Kolkata. I gently encouraged her to maintain contact with our Kolkata team once there, since they will be better equipped to help her but have also said I am available for moral support.

Anyone wanting to help Purnimaji in Kolkata with moral support, medicines or funds is welcome to mail us at indiahelps@gmail.com.

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