Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is how the Pavement School celebrated Holi

Report from Priyanka:

I went to the school do distribute the pichkaris,colours and gujiya that Parul had sent.You can't imagine the happiness on the children's faces!!
We started off with getting one of the kids to share the story of Holi.We spoke to the kids about playing safe Holi.And when it came to distribute all the kids excitedly awaited their turn and were VERY HAPPY with the things they received..Every kid had a big smile on their faces and thank you on their lips..It was really very touching!All the kids clapped in happiness...the moment was absolutely beautiful..When I was leaving after spending some time with them all the kids shook hands and wished me a very happy Holi!

Parul a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart..You not just made their holi but mine as well..As this is one Holi which I shall remember forever!

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Anonymous said...

Bachcha sab- bolo - holi haiiiii...