Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on Karuna Waghela

This report in from Serendipity:

Karuna Waghela (widow of Thakur Budhabhai Waghela, sweeper at GT Hospital killed in the 26/11 attack) has one daughter and two sons - Roshni (11 yrs), Dhaval (8) and Neeraj (5 yrs). She currently has only her meager salary to support her 3 kids. She is currently working as a sweeper in GT Hospital, a job which she got on compassionate grounds.

The kids are being educated - the Taj Trust will be paying fees till 10th standard as per their last communication. They are also attending English tuitions paid by Sunita from Lest We Forget group.

Although she is currently living with her in laws, she obviously wants to move out into her own room at Sion, which has been allotted to her.

In light of her decision to set up an independent household with her three kids, we at Indiahelps have reconsidered this case since we feel Karuna could use a little more help in finding her footing, especially considering she's bringing up three kids, on a small salary.

If you wish to send in money to Karuna, the bank account details are available with us. Do let us know if you wish to send in games/toys/clothes/schoolbags/shoes/uniforms for the kids or for Karuna, sarees (all either new or in good condition, from Mumbai please) do let us know at indiahelps@gmail.com.

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