Sunday, March 22, 2009

Update on Karuna Waghela

This report from Serendipity:

Hi all, I was to visit Karuna and give her tuition money as she had

called me asking for it few days ago.

Before doing so I checked with Sunita of Lest We Forget who told me

she gave her Rs 3000 for the tuition fee last evening so I should hold on to my money.

After which I called Karuna back and asked her if she's got the money

she said she had and has already gone and paid the teacher for two


Shes also spoken to someone at the hospital who said she will be paid

for a month and half this 1st. Have asked her to let me know if the

Taj cheque comes in, in the next few days else I will follow up on both,

salary as well as cheques with her.

The good news is she seems fine, said she goes in to work everyday and

is glad the kids have tuition. So I was happy.

That's it from me.

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