Thursday, March 12, 2009

Update on Ahana Mishra case

This update from Orangejammies:

Hi all,

I spoke with Poornima Goswami earlier today and conveyed to her information regarding opening a joint account with Ahana and being. able to withdraw from any networked bank once the account has been set up. I took Smitha Verma, the journalist from The Telegraph to see Poornima this afternoon. I briefed her on the IH role in the case, gave her a background on IH and told her about what we're currently upto. The peg of her story was how bloggers converged to form India Helps. She also spoke with Poornima regarding Ahana and our role in helping the family. About the LIC policy that wasn't paid out to the family, it appears they were late in paying the premium, which is why they've lost Rs. 2 lakhs post Anindita's death and the company refuses to consider the case. I have asked for the relevant paperwork so our legal folks on board can look through it and Poornima said she will try to retrieve it from their Vashi home.

We also went upstairs to Ahana's room to meet the child. She is better now, given her poor condition earlier. Was a little restless and not too happy about being changed, but Poornima appeared positive about her improvement. She also had more cleaning done to her teeth today (her dentist is Dr. Mala Jagtiani) and has had fillings drilled into several teeth. Poornima showed us some picture albums of Ahana as a baby and also pictures of her own daughter Anindita.

Poornima mentioned again that Mr. Mithun Chakraborty has pledged help after the family moves to Calcutta and he has asked to be messaged when they land. No departure plans are being made just yet.

Ahana's 6th birthday is coming up on Monday, March 16th, and I will be going to celebrate Ahana and her life in some small way. Do join me if you can.

If you would like to join OrangeJammies and IH in celebrating Ahana's birthday in some way, write in to us at or

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