Friday, March 6, 2009

Update from Sangeeta

Cheetah Camp: Shabnam and her sisters 
Panchtatwa -  a charitable trust has  stepped in with Rs 12,000 for the rent for the Cheetah Camp family of girls for six months.
I will manage some  vessels and some clothes too.

Poonam Singh - 26/11
She walks with a walker  after being hit by bullets at CST. At JJ hospital someone gave her a wheel chair and I gave just one walker for support for walking. She has four kids and husband.
Taking her  on monday to JJ . Post that we need to figure a good doctor close to Vikhroli for her exercises and figure out who can go from her family with her. Her husband works till 6 p.m

Added: Thank you Panchtatwa from the India Helps team.

And if any kind soul knows of a good physiotherapist in or around Vikhroli do let us know.

And yes, a job in the vicinity for Shabnam too!

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