Monday, May 18, 2009

Update on Shabnam, Cheetah Camp Fire Victim

Shabnam just visited my office to pick up funds for her next month's
living expenses. (Thanks Rohini). She is off to her village on May
21st to try and stop her grandfather from making four parts of their
ancestral propery and selling it off. She wanted legal counsel on this
issue, as to what her rights were and what she could do to prevent
this from happening. I have recommended she speak with Aparna from the
India Helps team who would be able to give her advice on the same. All
she has to prove her father's disappearance is a copy of the NC she
had filed at the time he went missing.

She has three months rent balance from the amount we had sent across
initially (Thanks Sangeeta). Now for the main thing, school reopens in
a bit, school fees, school essentials and such like are required for
the rest of the girls.

Also, job is on priority. She has not been able to find a job despite
her best efforts, and I am sad to say that we have all reached a dead
end too. If any kind reader knows of any opening on the central line,
which requires a graduate with no special additional qualification
please do let us know on


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