Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update on Momina

This report in on Momina from Aparna:

I had gone to see Momina this Saturday. I was accompanied by Rahul
form TISS who is hopeful about helping out. (Edited to add: Rahul is
associated with the team from the Taj Public Welfare Trust, which is
handling 26/11 relief work and had accompanied Aparna to clarify a
case of mistaken identities.) Things seem to be just going bad to
worse with her. The entire family was unwell and she was mentioning
that the younger son had to be taken to the hospital so she has spend
about Rs 3000-5000 for that. She also looked very unwell and in fact,
at a point, said that she doesn't know how long she will live.

Rahul was asking her a lot of questions regarding how she got to know
about her husband death and what are the amounts she has got as

Also she has given an amount of Rs 9,000 to some random guy who has
promised to get her birth certificates of her children. She needed the
birth certificate because some one want to open a Jeevan Bheema for
her kids.

Rahul has said he will try and help. Lets see what happens in that front.

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