Saturday, May 23, 2009

Appeal for school kits

Sorry, Gunjan, this appeal clean slipped my mind, but better late than never.

This appeal from Gunjan:

Following are the items that will be in the 'School Kit':

Ten Note Books (4 books of 100 pages, 5 books of 200 pages and 1 drawing book)One Pen, One Pencil and eraser One Geometry box, Bag We believe that the kit would be a good motivational factor for the children to get a better education.

Since the schools normally start in June, they are keeping end of May as the last day for contribution, so that the amount can be delivered to the organization.

Each donor would receive receipt of Sewa International. Digital copy of 80 G will be provided which can be given to donor if required. - Gunjan

For people living in the U.S. and wishing to donate to this cause, please visit:

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Cee Kay said...

Kiran, please let me know how much one kit costs and if I can transfer money internationally.

Chandni said...

I've circulated this appeal here:

My tweet:

Gift a School Kit. Check and

BK Chowla, said...

Kiran, I have been reading your posts regularly.Look I want to help....can I adopt one Child?Surprised?

Gunjan said...

GTN: One school kit costs Rs 200/-. Let me check if they have an account number where you could transfer the money.

Gunjan said...

@Chandni: Thanks.:)

@B.K. Chowla: These children come from families and don't need to be adopted. You could probably sponsor their education if you wish.

Gunjan said...

@B.K. Chowla: Hi, I just spoke to one of the volunteers at YFS (Youth for Sewa). As I mentioned above, you can sponsor a child. For details visit