Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aahana and Purnima: Update from Kolkata

This from Sunayana:

Yesterday evening Baisali and I went over to Aahana's place. My first visit. We stayed and chatted with Purnima for about forty minutes during which time A's physiotherapist dropped by so we got to see him at work a little.

Purnima, touch wood, is looking and sounding far more relaxed and confident now that she's surrounded by her family. Her daughter, son-in-law (who live nearby) and her son and daughter-in-law (who have just come from Ranchi on a visit) all seem very supported and eager to do the best they can. The flat is in a quiet and apparently friendly locality, so that's good too. Purnima's husband was feeding Aahana through her stomach tube when we went and looked most enthused at being able to do his bit.

The Niigam's are sending in the monthly sums and it's all entirely used up for Aahana's care. Purnima said she maintains accounts of that. Aahana herself seemed a little unsettled when we went into the room to see her. It could be discomfort around strangers or it could be the change in position since she was lying comfortably in her physiotherapist's lap. Anyway, we didn't stay long there.
An ayah is expected to come for an interview today. With photographs and references.

P says LIC is refusing to pay up until something or the other matures. We've asked for more details on receipt of which B and I can approach LIC folks we know. Currently she's also a little worried about what is entailed in getting the disability certificate – B's brother-in-law is a legal eagle and will be asked to provide vishesh tippani on that.

Over all, things seem positive. Paperwork hassles abound but grandmother and granddaughter are doing better than when they arrived. Of course, Anindita's death is seeming harder to bear in the familiar surroundings. P asked after Rahul (that's my son) so I guess I'll take him over some time.

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