Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Update on Shabira Khan

This from Serendipity:

Just spoke with Abdul, Shabira's son. It is officially been 6 months as of today from 26/11 but Shabira has still not recovered (26/05/09). The family's condition has not improved one bit, in fact it has worsened if at all. The operation (bypass) which was delayed constantly due to Shabira's bout of severe Jaundice was finally done last week at Saifee hospital. The complete cost of the surgery was about Rs 2 lakhs… out of which Rs 80,000 was put together by the family by mortgaging a small room that they had in Gowandi, Rs 22,500 was from us, another Rs 50,000 from other sources…Currently everything they have has been mortgaged, and now they have nothing left to put together any more money. All the siblings are now home and Abdul told me they're reduced to skipping meals sometimes.

Shabira is scheduled for another operation - one in which they will be replacing one nerve in her leg (back-leg) with an artificial implant (or so I understood - Abdul said a 'plastic nerve' is going to be put). This surgery wil be in a few days, which costs another Rs 3-3.5 lakhs. Other than this, the cost of admitting her in hospital (Saifee) itself is a few thousand rupees a day, which they culd no longer afford and she is home since the past three days. This is the first time she's been home since 26th of November 2008.

A lot of media visited her house today, abut 7-8 channels will be running her story on television today… lets hope something good comes out of it.

The need of the hour - collecting funds. For her hospital bills and general maintenance of family.

If you would like to help, please do write in at indiahelps@gmail.com or info@indiahelps.org.

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BK Chowla, said...

I hang my head in shame.God bless his soul,but teh Govt spent crores of Rs on his treatment in India and abroad.There are other ex/present ministers on whom Govt is spending Crores for treatment.That is why they say,some people are more equal than others.