Saturday, May 16, 2009

Update on Shabnam (Cheetah Camp fire victim)

This from Serendipity:
Just spoke to Shabnam right now. The poor family seems inundated with problems, she was saying she's feeling like things just keep going from bad to worse.
Here's the thing. She needs to go to her village in Bihar (Basti) since her grandparents are planning to sell off the land that they have. Her father is one of 5 siblings, and instead of dividing the money among 5 people, they're planning to distribute it only among the 4 siblings alive.

Shabnam wants to go to the village and file a complaint to at least halt this temporarily. Her uncle is going on the 21st so shes planning on going with him (taking her younger sister) and will be there for around a month.

She's not yet found a job and stressed how she feels bad about taking money from us, and wished she just got a job soon.

Edited to add: If anyone would like to help Shabnam with either a job or funds please do mail us at or

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