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How to apply for a disability certificate in Calcutta

This from Suchismita Majumder, an informative post. If any reader knows the process for other cities please do write in:

For those of you who do not know how to get a Disability Certificate for yourself or a loved one in Calcutta, here's the process:

1. Go to Ganesh Chandra Avenue near Income tax Bhavan / Khadi Gramodyog Office-cum-shop and look for the Transport Department building. On the third floor of this building is the Social Welfare Department. The Social Welfare Commisioner who sits here will give you a form, and tell you whom to approach at a government hospital. You have to take this form and the person for whom you are seeking the certificate to any government hospital (such as NRS, Chittaranjan, Calcutta Medical College etc.) and approach the doctor/ medical personnel named by the Social Welfare Commissioner or Officer. They will conduct an examination of him/her, and duly stamp and authenticate the form. Then one of you has to take the form to the Social Welfare Department again and submit it to the Social Welfare Officer there. In 21 days from that date you should get the certificate. If possible, please check the Telephone Directory for their number and call to find out what other documentation might be required and what time would be most suitable.

2. Another way to go about this is to take the person to the IICP office at Taratalla on any Thursday by 8.30 am to register her for a check up. They will provide all the information you might require and often a referral from them can speed up the process for obtaining the certificate. Please note that the IICP checks new patients only on Thursdays. Their phone no. is 033- 24013488 and they are available at P35/1 Taratalla Road, Kolkata 700 088. You can also email them at <> .

To get the disabled I-card one has to approach the Sub-Divisional Magistrate of one's jurisdiction with relevant documents and can be issued a card on the same day if the papers are in order. In either case, the papers to be submitted are:

1. Application form duly attested by a Gazetted officer.
2. Attested photocopy of first three pages of ration card showing proof of three years residence in the city
3. Attested photocopy of medical Certificate in respect of disability from any government hospital such as CMCH etc.
4. Two passport size photographs. One should be attested from Gazetted officer.
5. For issuance of duplicate identity card, Rs. 10/- to be deposited with the cashier of District and the receipt should be attached with the application form.
6. Original Ration Card is required at the time of submission of application form.
7. Identity card will be given to the applicant only after getting his/her signatures on the Card.

Please note, that even with a high degree of disability, it is absolutely mandatory, that the person for whom the certificate / card is being issued. This is to prevent some people from faking their disabilities to get the benefits of the certificate.

I hope the information helps. This is only about Calcutta though, and it would be helpful to know the procedure in other cities.

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