Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Update on Karuna Waghela

This update on Karuna from Serendipity:

Karuna just called me. She's back from the village as of yesterday. She had gone to her village in Gujarat (I cannot recollect the name of the village). Yash (the youngest) who was with her on the trip had fallen sick due to the heat, but he's doing a little better now. She will also begin work today.
All three kids go to Karmaveer Bhaurao school. The youngest, Yash is in the English medium of the same school while Roshni and Dhaval are in the Marathi medium respectively.
The kids fee structure per month is - Dhaval Rs. 160 per month, Roshni - Rs 160 per month and Yash Rs 310 per month.
I don't think this covers stationery/uniforms etc.
Karuna checked with the school authorities if there's anyway she can get a concession for the fee, but the authorities said no. Apparently 26/11 was in the past and they cannot make any exceptions (is what she was told).
I will meet her this weekend.

If anyone would like to help out, please do email us at indiahelps@gmail.com or info@indiahelps.org.

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