Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Update on Salma

Sayantani has been in constant touch with Salma, through Ramu who is a friend of the late Sunil Thakray and Mehmood, who was their neighbour in Dombivili.
We spoke with the person handling the cases at Sanjay Nirupam's office yesterday and received the same feedback. The fact that Salma is not married to Sunil is the primary issue that prevents any sort of compensation being granted. The letter she has from the boarding school where her children are stating that she and Sunil are the parents of the children has no validity. Even if there was a birth certificate with Sunil's name as the father it would have been helpful. Now, in this situation, the gentleman has suggested we meet a reference in CST, and Sayantani will go across today to discuss the matter and hopefully we should have some solution.
Also, we have decided to fund a cellphone for Salma to maintain contact with her (Thank you Parul). As well as fund her a room on rent to keep her off the footpath and for the children to come home to during their summer vacations. Once she has a place to live in, we can organise a vocational course for her that would help her earn an income.
An other issue is that of official papers. Salma has absolutely no papers to prove her existence. No certificates of birth or domicile, no ration card. We need to figure that out. Because if the children are to go to colleges or further education post this institution, they will need all documentation in place.

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