Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Report on Sunita Yadav

This from M:

Here's what's happened so far:

Sunita Yadav has got a job with the Railways but is awaiting her posting. They are not certain whether it is going to be Mumbai or not. If she moves back to Mumbai, we will help her with housing etc. if she needs it. We understand her younger brother lives in Thane and she could stay with them in the interim.

Right now we've wired the entire 4.5 lakhs to her account with SBI since opening an FD from here has proved to be a hassle because of red tape. The account is in her name. This branch is on the RTGS network and has also been notified as a core banking branch so any person wishing to wire money to her would need to speak to their banker and provide the details below. It will take a few days for all wires to clear, especially those outside of the SBI network.

We have been trying to call Mr. Yadav to find out when he will be arriving in Mumbai to file the papers for collecting the duplicate death certificate since Sunita needs that to be able to claim compensation & pension from her husband's employers. But getting through to him has been very difficult as he leaves the phone at home and messages to him don't seem to get delivered. We'll keep at it and let you know when they're due in Mumbai.

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