Thursday, January 8, 2009

Report from Vile Parle

This is what Sumita sent in today:

I spoke with Sangeeta Chari wife of Shirish Savala Chari. He was killed when boarding a train at CST. He was on his way to Goa, his home town. He was accompanied with his wife and younger son who escaped unhurt.

Sangeeta lives with her husbands family who are currently supporting her.

She has been promised a job by the railway authorities and has been paid compensation too. She wasn't willing to disclose how much. A NGO has already paid for her children's education-aged 9 and 5.

Currently she wants a job as she feels the journey ahead will be difficult with the children education and no regular income. She is SSC failed and can read and write Marathi, understanding of English is limited. She is good with stitching. She wants us to help her with procuring a job in Vile Parle, if possible.

I am going to speak to the YMCA in Andheri as they have vocational courses in tailoring. Let's see if they can help with getting her a job. We can also decide if she needs further training.

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