Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Follow up report on Momina Khatoon

This from Aparna:
Visit to Momina's house on Saturday 10th January 2008. This was my third visit to the place. She looked glad to see me. She was just playing with the little one. The other two kids were not at home.

I gave her the cheque and the warm clothes and she seemed glad to receive it. But I also noticed that she looked very weak and fragile. Her health is deteriorating day by day. I asked her to eat well and take good care of herself. I also enquired if she would need anything else. But she did not say anything specific.
Every time I go there, I can't help thinking of how can we help her better. I had taken my brother along with me. He thought giving her money is not going to help her. When I explained she was pregnant, he too had no answer to give or suggestions to make. He also agreed that what we are doing is the best we could under the circumstances.

Thank you for that report Aparna. It is truly heartbreaking. Any suggestions on how we could help her better? Every suggestion is welcome.

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