Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First report on Shabira Khan

Serendipity spoke with CST shoot out victim Shabira Khan today. Here is her report:

Shabira Khan - spoke with her today, Here are the details:

§ She is admitted at Wadala Hospital right now. She was discharged from J.J. Hospital on 14th Jan, and has shifted to Wadala B.P.T Hospital.

§ She sounds like she is in a bad state.

§ Has injuries all over her body, but was unable to tell me what specifically the injuries are.

§ Says the doctors are not telling her what all is wrong…has undergone number of tests and minor surgeries and has been in hospital since the 26th of Jan.

§ Says she's currently paying her own medical bills.

§ She says the doctors claim she will need to remain admitted for a long time as few tests were incorrect, MRI was faulty or something like that. Will have more details on this only after I visit her, since could not understand fully via telephone (she seemed to be quite weak, and also in pain)

Have funds given to me by Gunjan and Kedar…will carry with me, and give accordingly either to her or speak with the doctor and pay pending bills (if any).

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