Saturday, January 3, 2009

Update from Sachin on Surjan Singh Bhandaris family

So, I got a chance to talk to Surjan Singh's brother Uttam yesterday. The gist of it is:
1. I told him that we are trying to collect a bit of money and his family should receive it within the next fortnight or so. He didnt seem to be in any sort of emergency to receive the money.

2. The real distress of the family seems to be in the form of not being alloted the petrol pump that accompanies the Kirti Chakra by the government, even after 4 years since the honour was bestowed.
3. The family really feels that the sacrifice Surjan made is being dragged between the BJP-Congress politics (the honour was given when BJP was in power, so you understand where I am going) and that they dont know how to address the problem.
I assured him that the country recognizes the sacrifice that this family has made and that we would try to help them out in any way possible. As I mentioned earlier, I am willing to do all the research required for filing an RTI application. The only issue is that since I am out of India, someone needs to file it on my behalf and none of my contacts have shown much interest. I am looking for someone whom I can work with to get this going.
Kiran: If you know of someone who is working in this regard or someone who could help me with an RTI, please get me in touch and I would take it from there.

Can anyone who can help out with this please get in touch at

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