Friday, January 2, 2009

Report from Wordjunkie and Orangejammies

Wordjunkie has been following this case. And this morning she along with Orangejammies paid the family a visit.

Here's what she found:

Hi all
We just visited Balaji this morning. He's on his way now to get readmitted at J Hospital.
We had pooled in Rs 2000, which we handed over.
He is going to need support for a while, as he was the principal earner for a family that comprises 6 adults and five children. He also seems to be supporting two sisters and their families . His brothers, 28 and 25 respectively, who live with him, aren't very literate, and have no steady employment. They have typically done minor assembly work, driven autos and tempos, etc.

Family tree as follows:
Balaji (33) + wife+ 2 schoolgoing kids
Narsingh (28) + wife+ 2 kids
Dnyaneshwar (25) + wife+ 1 infant

They are going to need:
1.Financial aid for Balaji's treatment
2. Employment for the brothers
3. Aid for the kids' educational expenses

The 5 lakh compensation received for their mother's demise at CST station, has as yet not been invested.

They will need interim help for day to day expenses, though I did get the feeling they weren't comfortable accepting money from us.

Atleast three of the women are trained in tailoring, papad making, etc., but these are not steady sources of income.
The family has been approached by Yuva Pratishthan (Kirit Somaya's NGO) regarding offers of employment for the brothers. They have also applied for aid  to the Ratnanidhi Charitable Trust for the kids' education.

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