Friday, June 12, 2009

India Helps is the Indiblog (ger) of the Month

Yup. We won! Yaay!

We gathered 25 votes. I'm still in an OMIGOD I can't believe it kind of frame of mind.

Renie Ravin from Indiblogger called to let me know India Helps had won and for a good first three seconds I had my brain scan-matching friend's voices to check who could be bluffing me. But this is the real McCoy.

All ye who took time out to vote for us, thank you on bended knees. All those who jumped right into India Helps when I started out with a blog and a hope to help, you are my backbone. Here's wishing we do make a positive difference to lives brutalised by disaster.

Thank you and do keep reading us and writing in.

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Site manager said...

Congratulations! No one deserves it more.

Mumbai NGo said...

congrats! you are doing great work !!

BK Chowla, said...

You deserve the best for the excellent work you guysare doing.Congratulations and my best wishes.

* મારી રચના * said...


AD said...

Many congratulations!! I will surely watch out this space now.

Poppins said...

Yay !

Kiran Manral said...

JustSomeGrail: *Hugs* Thankee love...its the team, its each and every one of the lovely people who make it up and all the folks who read us and help out.

Mumbai NGO: Thank you

BK CHowla: Thank you..

Khushi: Thank you so much.

AD: Do keep dropping by...

Poppy: *Hugs*

Nita said...

Just dropped in to congratulate you. You have a great blog!