Sunday, June 21, 2009

Update on Karuna and Shabira

This came in last week from Serendipity, just been allowed the phone today to check mails, so posting it now:

I've been in regular touch with Karuna and Abdul as well as Jugal.

First Karuna- has been given all the cheques now. She stopped by my office to say hi. She came with one of her relatives.. since she was scared to travel alone. I must say meeting her has certainly cheered me up because she looked like a different person from the last time I saw her. She was wearing some earrings and a bindi and carried a very ladylike purse and overall looked better kept than the last time at her in laws place. Work is going well, and kids are good too. She had to pay a total of Rs 1600 towards school uniforms and is relieved about this money that's come in.

Shabira - Abdul and me have been speaking every other day, he's gone to the govt office a few times with no positive response yet. Jugal tells me there are some documents that Abdul has not yet submitted and once that's through some money will be sanctioned. The operation was yesterday I have not called him yet to check how it went, will let you know.

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