Monday, June 8, 2009

Update on Momina

This just came in from Aparna, about Momina Khatoon. As regular readers might recall, Aparna had made a joint visit to Momina Khatoon with Rahul, a social worker from TISS, which is helping the Taj trust with their groundwork to clear a case of mistaken identity:


Rahul from TISS had messaged me. TISS has agreed for a sum of Rs 10,000 (not sure for how long) to be given to Momina Khatoon.

The money will go to her within two weeks. They also want to provide her some psycho social help. for which the faculty of TISS will be visiting her.

I was not able to visit her this weekend, also her phone is not reachable


sm said...

good blog.
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Unknown said...

Sm: Thankee.