Sunday, June 14, 2009

Update on Aahana

This from Mamma mia!! Me a mamma?:
I've spoken to Purnima a couple of times over the past ten days. The heat has really been troubling the poor girl. Purnima and her son-in-law took Aahana to the Indian Inst. of Cerebral Palsy on Friday. Aahana checked out fine, but they referred her to a paediatrician who practices along with my sons' paediatrician. She also happens to be my aunt-in-law's friend and I've heard good things about her, so I know Aahana will be well-looked after. The IICP will also be giving Purnima a letter stating Aahana's level of disability which they can produce in the court for the change of guardianship.

My place was on their way so they stopped while going back home to pick up the cheque. She has called the Panchtatwa up to personally thank them.

I have also spoken to her about setting up a trust fund for Aahana and she wasn't averse to the idea at all.

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